Covid, Sardinia still white: the official report on Friday

Covid, Sardinia still white: the official report on Friday
Covid, Sardinia still white: the official report on Friday

The pressure in the medical departments is the only parameter below the threshold

CAGLIARI. Sardinia ever closer to the change of band, but once again probably “save” by a few percentage points. The official will only take place on Friday with the presentation of the monitoring by the ISS and the Ministry of Health, but for another week it should remain in the white zone. While in fact the thresholds of 50 Covid cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and that of 10% of the occupancy of beds in intensive care, now at 14%, are largely exceeded, the pressure on medical departments remains under the legal parameter on the island. . According to the latest survey by Agenas, referring to yesterday – the one taken into consideration for the weekly report of the control room – the percentage of occupancy of the beds by positives is 13% (+ 1%), two points below the critical threshold of 15%. The numbers of hospitalized patients are gradually increasing since the day of the Epiphany and continuing like this, by the end of the last week of January Sardinia could find itself in yellow. But not immediately, in fact. Overall, according to Agenas data, there are 216 Covid patients hospitalized in non-critical areas out of 1,602 on the island, while intensive therapies host 28 patients with Covid on 204 beds (with the possibility of immediately activating another 16).

In detail, in the hospitals of Cagliari there are 80 hospitalized for Covid at the Binaghi hospital out of 81 beds and of these there are 11 in intensive care with an occupancy that rises to 100% and even 150% (15 patients out of 10 beds theorists) in intensive short observation. The percentage drops to 86% at the SS hospital. Trinity. Here the total beds are 86 and 74 are occupied by patients who tested positive. Seven out of 8 beds are occupied in intensive care, but the situation in internal medicine (105% with 22 hospitalized out of 21 official beds) and pulmonology (100% of beds or 20 out of 20) is even more critical. In Sassari there are nine patients admitted to the Aou intensive care unit, while 17 are housed in the sub intensive. Another 18 are in the infectious diseases department, while in the Marino di Alghero (now passed to the Sassari Aou) there are 44 Covid patients in the medical department and five pregnant women in the gynecology department. (HANDLE)


Covid Sardinia white official report Friday

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