“Tax the profits of energy companies” – Corriere.it

“Tax the profits of energy companies” – Corriere.it
“Tax the profits of energy companies” – Corriere.it

Tax the extra-profits of energy companies to finance the relief on bills: the proposal was put forward by the minister of economic development Giancarlo Giorgetti, according to whom this view is “shared by many within the government.” Giorgetti formulated the idea by answering a question during a press conference.

“I think it is shared opinion within the government that those who, in relation to this very particular situation, are making extra profits must somehow contribute to general taxation to make it possible to intervene against the most disadvantaged categories “declared the League minister. “The modalities are being studied by the Ministry of Economy but I believe that we will go in this direction “he added.

Support for families and businesses hit by the record rise in energy sources is now a workhorse of the League. Matteo too Salvini today he returned to the office asking that in order to cushion the rise in electricity and gas prices “a budget gap of 30 billion, the bare minimum”.

The premier will also be in the press conference on Monday Mario Draghi recalled that the budget law allocates 3.5 billion to calm the expensive bills“And it is expected that other measures will be taken in the following quarter and in the following months” added the premier.

But how much could a taxation on extra profits yield? On this point he has already put his hands forward Agostino Re Rebaudengo, president of the energy companies sector for Confindustria: “the reason for the increase is not in the hands of Italy and not even of Europe: profits go to foreign natural gas producers»

According to what was calculated by Arera (the energy control authority) the increase for the typical family will be del + 55% for the electricity bill and + 41.8% for the gas bill for the first quarter of 2022. The new extraordinary records of the rise in the prices of wholesale energy products (almost doubled in the spot markets of natural gas and electricity in the period September-December 2021) and CO2 emission permits, would have led to a 65% increase in the electricity bill and 59.2% in the gas bill, continues Arera.

The leader Giuseppe Conte and deputies and M5S deputies also intervened on the expensive bills, with a post on Facebook: «The bar must be raised on refreshments to businesses and families against expensive bills. It is unthinkable to face such high risks of cooling growth with a billion euros or so. The imperative that the policy must follow up as soon as possible is a new budgetary shift, fully justified by the national and international situation. We have many ideas on the tools to mitigate the costs of bills (…). The intervention for companies and bills must be massive, so as to allow the country to consolidate the exit from the 2020 recession and resist in the event of further external shocks “, concludes the note.


Tax profits energy companies Corriereit

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