meeting to decide on the reopening, the peak of infections is expected in Sicily

While in Sicily the peak of total infections from Covid is expected, there is still uncertainty about the date of the reopening of the schools, postponed by three days thanks to a change in the regional school calendar. The analyzes of the mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani, of the Institute for the applications of Calculus ‘M. Picone’, of the National Research Council (Cnr), suggest other days with particularly high numbers. The hypothesis of the passage in the orange band seems to be taking hold: both the occupancy rate of the beds, at 31 per cent, and the ratio of infections to the population, have exceeded the warning levels. Yesterday the total positives in Sicily were 129,313, with an increase of 10,673 cases. 2,523 healed and 35 victims, bringing the total deaths to 7,740 people. From today the vaccination hubs will be open until midnight, to cope with the mandatory vaccination of over 50s.

What will happen at this point on the school front? The most likely scenario is that of a further shift, using another two “bonus” days (there are five per year in total) to earn the whole week and understand if, over the weekend, the parameters will determine the orange “zone for Sicily. “already next week. The regional task force will meet this morning, at 10.30 am, to make the decision, awaited with apprehension by parents and students. The regional councilor for education, Roberto Lagalla, the councilor for health Ruggero Razza, the managers of the regional school office, prof. Gianni Puglisi for the universities of the island and a representation of the students.


meeting decide reopening peak infections expected Sicily

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