Quirinale, Salvini and the fear that the center-right will make a mistake – Corriere.it

Quirinale, Salvini and the fear that the center-right will make a mistake – Corriere.it
Quirinale, Salvini and the fear that the center-right will make a mistake – Corriere.it
from Francesco Verderami

The leader of the League asks Berlusconi to dissolve the reservation on his candidacy for the Colle and evokes a government with political leaders

Salvini’s ears are throbbing. There is Berlusconi who tells him he wants to give my grandchildren a grandfather president of the Republic. C ‘Letta who invites him to download the Knight and proposes a pact to choose, together with the grillini, a common candidate of his liking at the Quirinale. There is Renzi who whispers to him to bet on Draghi to form, afterwards, a government of secretaries.

life lasts for whoever wants to be the kingmaker of the President of the Republic
and he knows he is playing practically everything in this test. One misstep and goodbye. And the leader of the League, who has prioritized the compactness of the coalition, must not only face his opponents. He also has to deal with his allies. Because the centrists of Coraggio Italia are ready to present a document on the identikit of their ideal candidate at Colle, from which it will emerge that the profile is not that of Berlusconi, while the sovereigns of the Brothers of Italy goad him by asking him how he manages to stay in government with those who veto the founder of the center-right.

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In the general chaos, his Sherpas tell him that a senator of the Democratic Party goes around Palazzo Madama sponsoring the candidacy of Casini
Which is more or less what the grillina has been doing for weeks in Montecitorio Great, considered very close to Di Maio, that is to the Foreign Minister who at Christmas sent a bottle of champagne to the former Speaker of the House. Luigi? Does he not bet on Draghi ?, Salvini wonders bewildered. This is enough to further convince him that it is useful to take time. The proposal of the table among the leaders had and has (also) this function. And given that the summit of the Democratic Party slips, it is also good to postpone the summit of the alliance. But when even the dem secretary seemed to have been persuaded by a center-right executive – who advises not to be in a hurry – the Meloni he decided to hurry, arguing that the spectacle of political games on the Hill cannot be offered to the country, given that the pandemic is raging outside the palace.

The Covid the independent variable that Salvini was forced to insert into an already complicated equation, because the virus, due to its numerical factor that is now undecipherable, will have a political impact in the voting for the Quirinale. Plus there are a series of unknowns, starting with Berlusconi’s decision. Now it is clear that the leader of the League must be aligned with the Knight. So he waits for the ally to dissolve the reserve. At least on this I agree with Meloni, with whom he spoke yesterday after a long time. And the two agree that the president of Forza Italia has another weapon that he could use: if he understood that he did not have the numbers to become head of state, he could launch a name. excluding that he makes an endorsement for a center-right exponent. Either he is there or there is nobody, warns one of the leaders of the alliance: And given what he says privately about Amato and Casini, only Draghi and Mattarella remain.

Here’s why Salvini he does not use definitive words on the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. For this reason, yesterday the leaders of the League bet on the tenant of the Colle and that of Palazzo Chigi. That the head of the Carroccio does not trust Draghi known to his deputies, among whom a joke circulates: If he went to the Quirinale, then he would not invite us even for the party of 2 June. That the Meloni do not completely trust the equally well-known allies, given the condition he placed at the last meeting: If we are united on Berlusconi, we will have to move together on other hypotheses as well. The center-right will also have the golden share on the Quirinale, but if it makes a mistake, it will no longer exist after the fourth vote. Salvini’s nightmare.

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