Inail turnaround with the dancer-

Inail turnaround with the dancer-
Inail turnaround with the dancer-
from Giampiero Rossi

Francesca Di Trani, 30, on February 19, 2020 had an accident that cost her the amputation of a leg. No to disability: he went to work by car. Her: Fear of Covid. And, after quibbles and litigation, he gets the funds

He would take the bus that day too. But the thought of her mother, at home with her immune defenses zeroed, had prompted her to go out with her Smart. It was February 19, 2020, Codogno patient 1 would have been discovered two days later but the virus alert was already there. Francesca Di Trani could not imagine that, at 28, fate awaited her on the way from home to work. A moment of distraction, the impact with the truck, the darkness, the pain and then the hospital and the even more painful awareness: she was alive, yes, they even had them. saved the leg after an internal amputation, yes, but he would have had to give up his great passion: dance. Get over it, the surgeon tells her, throwing her into despair. Not only: that day also begins a long bureaucratic ordeal for the recognition of the accident and permanent disability.

Twenty surgeries

Almost two years have passed, marked by twenty surgeries (21 already scheduled in April), two daily sessions of physiotherapy, psychological support and correspondence with Inail. I was working part time for a cooperative that manages company canteens – he says – and in the afternoon I devoted myself to dance. She studies a lot, prepares a musical and teaches the girls. his life, his future, repeats itself. The clash with the Tir in viale Berbera takes place during a home-work trip. Technically it is an accident in progress and the girl submits her application to Inail to obtain the compensation provided and also for the recognition of the invalidity. But when the letter from the insurance company arrives, she is baffled even before disappointed: her application was rejected because the accident occurred while she was aboard her own vehicle, while in the absence of a valid reason he should have used public transport. I could not understand. I felt anger and bitterness – he remembers -. With a few lines on a letter, without ever giving me the opportunity to speak to a human being, Inail liquidated a disability application that at my age I would not have wanted to submit and that had already cost me so many tears. But a strong character, Francesca Di Trani, a positive spirit and little inclined to surrender. So, once the new bad news has been digested, he decides to go on and on and go to the Chamber of Labor.

The new practice

We have filed an appeal pre-litigation to Inail – explains Laura Chiappani, who instructed the new practice at the Inca Cgil patronage counter – to reaffirm the legitimacy of the requests of the worker and above all to underline a fundamental point with respect to the reasons with which her application was rejected : he had used the car as a precaution to protect the health of a cohabiting family member, that is, the mother who at that moment found herself devoid of immune defenses. And this justifies the use of the private medium. Faced with these arguments, in fact, Inail reverses: recognizes and compensates the accident and also recognizes a permanent disability of 35 percent, which involves a small monthly income. Unfortunately now I also need this – says the girl – and by telling this story I hope to be able to be useful to others in similar situations.

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