“A Mattarella bis would be the best” – Corriere.it

“A Mattarella bis would be the best” – Corriere.it
“A Mattarella bis would be the best” – Corriere.it
from Maria Teresa Meli

The secretary of the Democratic Party: “Yes to the table on the Quirinale but without Berlusconi’s name, he also calls my parliamentarians”

On Saturday Enrico Letta will ask the management and parliamentarians of the Democratic Party for a blank mandate to negotiate, together with the presidents of the groups Debora Serracchiani and Simona Malpezzi, on the Quirinale. In the meeting, which will no longer be held on Thursday, given that the funeral parlor of David Sassoli is scheduled for the 13th, dem deputies and senators, who fear we could slide towards the elections and do not fully trust that this is not at the end of the day. ‘objective of the secretary, will place a single constraint: “The need for continuity of the legislature”.

In the secretariat on Tuesday, largely dedicated to the commemoration of Sassoli, Letta explained that there is “the need to identify a super partes personality, as quickly as possible, also to avoid the risk of a new phase of anti-politics” . Interviewed by Giovanni Floris su La7, a Tuesday, is more explicit on the identikit: “A candidate with the characteristics of Mattarella”. And to the journalist who asks him if it could be Mattarella himself, he replies: “It would be the best.” A phrase that excites the dem parliamentarians who cheer for an encore of the current head of state. “It seems to me the only serious solution to avoid creating confusion in a very delicate moment”, he reiterates Matteo Orfini. And they also think of Mattarella, among others, Walter Verini, Stefano Ceccanti and Andrea Romano. And even Veltroni has not completely ruled out the possibility of an encore in the event of a standstill. But in the show Letta does not go further. Indeed he underlines: “It would be the best solution, but the president has said no several times and we must be respectful of his will.”

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The dem secretary, however, is worried about the at the moment Berlusconi’s candidacy
, which, he reveals, “also called some parliamentarians from the Democratic Party”
: «In this way it blocks everything and prevents dialogue. If he doesn’t take a step back, we don’t sit at the table with the others. Moreover, the center-right does not have the ball, there is no dominant party. Therefore we need to dialogue to reach a broad agreement and also to sign a new government pact until 2023, with a large majority because I don’t think we can make an Ursula majority ».

However Pd, Cinque Stelle and Leu are considering deserting the fourth vote, the one in which there is no longer a need for a two-thirds majority, in the event that the leader of Forza Italia insists on his candidacy: “I don’t rule him out,” admits Letta.

The dem leader, however, will not mention names even in the management, but those who have spoken to us in recent days know that the secretary is always of the idea that “if Draghi’s candidacy comes up, the Democratic Party should support it and certainly could not get in the way”. But in this case, “it will be necessary to find an effective government solution, because we cannot afford a month of crisis in the dark”. And the secretary of the Democratic Party is convinced that too Giuseppe Conte, with whom he has constant dialogue, may eventually position himself on Draghi. The important thing, however, for Letta is “to preserve the Prime Minister and protect him”, whatever the position he will hold: “At this moment Italy has a fundamental card called Draghi, if we play it, if it jumps Draghi for one reason or another is a disaster for the country ».

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