A Nazi coffin at the funeral: controversy breaks out

A Nazi coffin at the funeral: controversy breaks out
A Nazi coffin at the funeral: controversy breaks out

A flag with swastika Nazi lying on the coffin of the deceased outside a church in Rome after the liturgical celebration of the funeral: in the past few hours the gesture has sparked a sea of ​​controversy in the political and ecclesiastical world.

The incident occurred during the funeral of Alessia Augello, a 44-year-old militant from Forza Nuova who died due to some complications that arose following surgery. After the Catholic funeral rite celebrated in the parish of Santa Lucia, the coffin, placed along the church courtyard, was wrapped with the offending cloth and then surrounded by a dozen militants. Pure the Roman salute paid to the deceased, and also immortalized in some photos taken by residents who witnessed the scene overlooking the balcony of the house and later published on the web, it helped to fuel dissent.

In this case, the report to the police had an immediate response, given that the Digos agents of the state police immediately examined with extreme attention the scenes taken by the onlookers with the aim of identifying the highest possible number of militants present and pursue them.

The reactions

In a post on Facebook, the owners of the parish, namely Don Alessandro and Don Paolo Emilio, wanted to immediately distance themselves from the gesture. “This afternoon at 2.30 pm at our parish church of Santa Lucia the funeral of Alessia Augello was celebrated, who passed away prematurely at the age of 44”, explain the clergymen. “Unfortunately, what occurred outside the church at the end of the celebration took place without any authorization from the parish priest or the celebrant priest, both of whom were unaware of what was about to happen”, complain i parish priests. “We intend to express our deep sadness, disappointment and disappointment at what has occurred”, we read in conclusion, “distancing oneself from every word, gesture and symbol used outside the church, attributable to extremist ideologies far from the message of the gospel of Christ”.

Sentence also resumed from vicariate of Rome that “He firmly deplores what happened yesterday, in front of the parish of Santa Lucia, completely without the knowledge of the parish priest Don Alessandro Zenobbi and all the parish clergy, at the end of the celebration of a funeral”. What happened, with the use of a swastika flag “horrible symbol irreconcilable with Christianity”, produced a “serious, offensive and unacceptable ideological exploitation”, however, not announced, since the funeral was“carried out without any sign or manifestation that foreshadowed what happened immediately after”.

“If you think that little by little we will get used to it you are wrong. If you think that we will be indifferent you are wrong. If you think that we will let it go you are wrong.”, writes the dem on Facebook instead Emanuele Fiano. “Thousands and thousands of Italians died because of that m *** a flag, symbol of your nostalgia for the Nazi killers. Thousands of Italian Jews were deported and then gassed in the extermination camps because of that flag of *** to”, adds Fiano. “Thousands and thousands of deaths caused our Constitution to ban fascism, a worthy ally of that shit flag. We do not forget, we do not apologize, we do not forgive the Nazi assassinations, the Nazi ideology, the crimes Nazis “. The Democratic Party, which this time recalls the Constitution Italian, is therefore ready to file a complaint, as announced by his representative via social network.

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