Romina’s revelation displaces everyone


Moments of tension Today is another day of Serena Bortone on Rai Uno

Published on 11 January 2022

Covid-19 defeated Albano Carrisi is back on TV. The Cellino San Marco singer was a guest of Today is another day by Serena Bortone on Tuesday 11 January 2022. In the program the artist has found his daughter Romina, who is part of the permanent cast together with Memo Remigi and Jessica Morlacchi (former leader of the Gazosa).

During the interview Albano retraced the most important stages of his private and professional life. The love for the parents Carmelo and Jolanda, the meeting with Romina Power, the disappearance of Ylenia and the relationship with the other five children. The question about the heirs has left Romina Carrisi perplexed, who has recently returned to Italy.

When Albano defined himself as a dad-psychologist the fourth child of the Carrisi family is blurted out. Romina has publicly confided that she has never felt understood by her parent and that a psychologist listens to people and does not give advice or seek solutions as the Apulian interpreter does.

A revelation that initially embarrassed Albano: later the 78enne he reiterated that with his family fate was not always kind and that Romina’s childhood had to be quite different. The young Carrisi was in fact born in 1987: six years later Ylenia passed away.

A tragedy that shook the Carrisi family and which apparently also heavily influenced the relationship of Albano and Romina, who then separated in 1999. The first years of her life were therefore quite turbulent for Romina Junior, despite the comforts and conveniences of a famous clan in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Do not forget the entrance of Loredana Lecciso, which has shaken the already complicated balance, and the birth of two other children: Jasmine and Albano Junior, known as Bido.

The clash between Albano and Romina Junior

“I don’t think I’ve ever been understood by you”, he confided Romina Carrisi to Today is another day. “In my opinion you are wrong, you went away for seven years in America. A son must also listen to his father “, Albano replied and then added:

“Destiny was a bastard towards us. There have been events that didn’t make your childhood great. We have had some vicissitudes that I never wanted to experience. Then you went to America … “

“After I left …”, the 34-year-old specified. “My love, tell me what to say”, Carrisi replied angrily. The hostess Serena Bortone closes the matter, inviting father and daughter to sing Rogue nostalgia, one of the hits of Albano and Romina.

The relationship between Albano and his daughter Romina was not always the best: some time ago the young Carrisi revealed that for three months she stopped talking to her father. The participation of the singer a Dancing with the Stars he later brought the two together.

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