Covid vaccine and children 5-11 years, the numbers in the world

Covid vaccine and children 5-11 years, the numbers in the world
Covid vaccine and children 5-11 years, the numbers in the world

Millions of children between the ages of 5 and 11 have already received the covid vaccine around the world. In the United States alone, according to data from the CDC, in this age group 7.5 million children have received at least one dose. And the US now also recommends the third for children with frailty. For now, no serious adverse reactions have been reported. Vaccines used and age, obligation: here is an overview of the situation in the world.

Vaccines used and age – For the little ones, most countries have chosen Pfizer for the 5-11 range. But China has approved the use of two vaccines, Sinovac and Sinopharm, for children as young as three. Even in Argentina, where Chinese vaccines are used, it starts at the age of three. Cuba, with its Soberana vaccine, started immunization two years ago, as does Venezuela, which uses the same vaccine.

Obligation– Costa Rica is so far the only country in the world to have imposed covid vaccination among those mandatory for children: it starts from 5 years.

Starting vaccinations– Israel vaccinated a few hundred more fragile children last summer, but the real start of immunizations for younger children was in November. Bahrain authorized the vaccinations on November 2 with Sinopharm, the United States on November 3 with Pfizer. In Canada the authorization arrived on November 19th, in Israel the program started on the 22nd.

Europe– Ema, the EU regulatory body for drugs, authorized the vaccine for the 5-11 range on November 25, but in most countries the program started in mid-December pending the arrival of the doses , which for children are reduced. In all, 27 million small Europeans are interested. Denmark and Austria left even before the EMA gave the green light: on 15 November 200 children received their first dose in Vienna. One in four children in Denmark was vaccinated in the first two weeks. Other European countries have started more slowly: in France the campaign began with the most fragile children, then it was extended to everyone on 22 December. But on January 8 it was reported that only 1% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 had been vaccinated. Outside the EU, in Europe the vaccine for age groups 5-11 is also available in Switzerland, while in Great Britain it is administered to children only in case of frailty.


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