Infection after the vaccine, here are the times and rules

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Although there are rules and foreseen times that mark the intervals at which to make boosters both after each dose of the vaccine and after an infection, the increasingly rapid circulation of the Omicron variant may make it necessary to identify with greater precision the most appropriate time to get vaccinated. , also considering the level of antibodies.

When to make the recall

“In the future it could become increasingly important to identify the exact moment in which it is time to do the booster and it could also become a way to limit vaccines,” observes virologist Francesco Broccolo, of the University of Milan Bicocca. In the same vein is the secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg), Silvestro Scotti, for whom the SarsCoV2 infection has so far been equivalent to a dose of vaccine, that is to say that “if a subject falls ill between one administration of an anti-Covid vaccine and the other, the timing for the possible next dose is calculated on these bases, but on this point a clarification would be necessary “.

The current rules

The current rules provided by the Ministry of Health indicate that in the event of illness the first dose of vaccine must be done within a year with a booster dose at least after 120 days, if instead you are vaccinated after one year from the disease, a second dose is also required. 21-28 days, followed by the booster after at least 120; if, on the other hand, you contract the infection after the first dose, if 14 days have not yet passed, a booster is expected after at least 120 days; after 14 days the second dose must be done within six months and the third after at least 120 days; if the infection occurs after the second dose, the third should be done after at least 120 days.

The variable antibodies

As the pandemic progresses, new situations are emerging. For example, Scotti observes, there are those who take the third dose without knowing they are positive because it is asymptomatic, since there is no indication to the swab before vaccination. In the future, it may also become necessary to be able to customize the timing of the boosters according to the level of antibodies: this would allow vaccination only when the immune defenses are reduced and one is defenseless in front of the virus. In the future this could become useful, for example in view of a possible fourth dose.


Infection vaccine times rules

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