Rome, Nazi flag and Roman salute: the far-right funeral in Santa Lucia – The video

The coffin wrapped in a red cloth and the swastika in the center, placed in front of the church steps, and the comrades lined up while reciting the “Present!”, The greeting dedicated to far-right militants, invoking the name “Alessia”. These are the images of the Fascist funeral taken from a mobile phone in front of the parish of Santa Lucia, Clodia ring road in Rome, on 10 January 2022. In the circles of the Roman extreme right, the name of Alessia “Tungsy” Augello, a young woman from 44 years old who died on January 7, 2022 following a thrombosis, as reported by the site

The photo of the coffin covered with the Nazi party flag.

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Rome Nazi flag Roman salute farright funeral Santa Lucia video

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