no turning off Tv repeaters, Mise intervenes

Monday 10 January 2022 – 12:24

Uncem: no turning off TV repeaters, Mise intervenes

Bussone: “Systems switched off due to frequency change”

Rome, Jan 10 (askanews) – Uncem has asked all Italian mountain bodies that own television broadcasting systems to block any attempt to switch off repeaters by companies appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development. TV repeaters do not turn off. The mobilization is necessary, to protect citizens residing in mountain municipalities.

“Mise urgently intervenes to support the Bodies, Municipalities, Communities, Mountain Unions, in this complex passage of frequencies and technological adaptation of repeaters – affirms Marco Bussone, President of Uncem – Certainly the plants cannot and must not be switched off. We will resist. Because we do not accept to pay, as communities and local authorities of the territories, of a non-management of the change of frequencies by the competent Ministry. These things are not improvised. And they must be guided, operationally. Also in agreement with Rai and Inwitt. Uncem has been asking Mise to intervene for at least a year. Nothing was done. Now the Ministry must summon us, in technical and political terms, to understand where the plants are and how many resources are needed to adapt them. If it fails, then resources should be allocated to allow citizens of mountain areas covered by signals from non-Rai or RaiWay repeaters to purchase the dish and decoder and therefore watch television with TVSat. Uncem also continues its relations with the regional TV system, represented by Confindustria Radio-TV, to avoid blackouts and huge expenses by companies in the sector. Citizens throughout the country, even in mountain areas, have the right to see the entire television bouquet, including Rai thematic channels, including regional and local TVs. Without further expenses and without interventions to be borne by local authorities, onerous and up to now without financial and political coverage ”.



turning repeaters Mise intervenes

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