was hired by Intel – Nerd4.life

was hired by Intel – Nerd4.life
was hired by Intel – Nerd4.life

Jeff Wilcox, director of Mac System Architecture and responsible for the design of the new chips Apple used inside Mac computers, he announced that he had left the company and joined Intel.

Wilcox shared on LinkedIn a post in which he wrote: “After eight fantastic years I have decided to leave Apple and pursue a new opportunity. It has been an incredible journey and I could not be prouder of everything we have achieved during these years, which culminated in the Chip transition. Apple with the M1, M1 Pro and the M1 Max SOCs “. Wilcox announced that it has joined Intel as the architect of all SoCs for all segments of the company.

M1 from Apple

After more than a decade of using Intel processors, Apple began a transition to proprietary chips in 2020, with Wilcox overseeing the process. The M series of processors are a variant of the A series used in iPhones and the initial M1, which showed higher results than Apple expected, was enough to push the company to continue on that line. In 2021, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max were produced.

Staying on the subject, we recently told you about Intel Alder Lake-H: here is all the information on 12th generation mobile processors.


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