Covid, countdown for 1 million over 50s: first dose of the vaccine by January 31 to be able to work

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For 1 million workers over 50, today unvaccinated, the countdown is about to start. To enter businesses and offices, they will need to receive the first dose by January 31, as the super green pass, introduced by the government starting February 15, will be released after 15 days. The reinforced green certification, in fact, is obtained only with vaccination or with recovery from Covid , therefore, the molecular or antigenic buffer will no longer be sufficient, respectively every 72 or 48 hours.

Replacements also in companies with over 15 employees

The draft of the new government decree to curb the surge in infections also contains another novelty: for all businesses, not only therefore those under 15 employees, after the 5th day of unjustified absence, it will be possible to suspend the worker for the duration corresponding to that of the employment contract stipulated for the replacement, in any case for a period not exceeding 10 working days, renewable, of 10 days in 10 days, until March 31, 2022, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to retain the workplace for the suspended worker.

The debut of the super green pass at work

With these 2 latest specs the super green pass makes its official debut in the world of work, both public and private. The new legislation essentially follows the one in force, for all workers, since last October 15 relating to the “simple” green pass. Therefore, from February 15, those over 50 years old and who do not possess the super green pass or will be deprived of it when entering the workplace, will be considered “unjustified absentee”, with consequent suspension from work and a stop to pay from the first day of absence (on the other hand, there are no disciplinary consequences and the right to keep the job is maintained, that is, one cannot be fired even for a justified reason).

Controls and sanctions

Even the checks on the super green pass (and not the fulfillment of the vaccination obligation, ed) should follow those currently in force for the “simple” green pass, therefore, among other things, with checks through the platform Inps o with the delivery by the employee to his employer of the green certification (in the latter case, he is exempted from checks for the entire duration of the health passport).

A sanction from 600 to 1,500 euros is envisaged in the case of access to the workplace in violation of the obligation “without prejudice to the disciplinary consequences according to the respective sector regulations”. For those under the age of 50, the current regulations remain in force, namely the “simple” green pass, which is also obtained with the pad.

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