Weak European markets. Milan dodges sales

Weak European markets. Milan dodges sales
Weak European markets. Milan dodges sales

(Teleborsa) – The financial session of the European stock exchanges closed with a downward trend, while Piazza Affari resists the wind of sales, closing slightly below par. Negative balance for the American stock market, where theS&P-500 marks a decrease of 0.28%. Two important macroeconomic data released today, on both sides of the ocean, also affected the performance of the markets. L’eurozone inflation it rose to 5% in December from 4.9% in November, a record high for the block and above analysts’ estimates (+ 4.7%). In the United States, non-farm jobs increased 199,000 jobs in December, well below expectations, according to data provided by the Department of Labor.

The best title of the FTSE MIB has been STM, after the spread of preliminary revenues in the fourth quarter, which exceeded the guidance provided by the group at the end of October. He closed with a increase of more than 10% Banca Carige, with investors waiting for the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund to conclude the assessment on the offers received for its stake in the bank. Last night, the FITD announced that it had received “preliminary and non-binding offers” and that the assessment could be completed on Monday.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has communicated the details of the placement by syndication of the new benchmark 30 year BTP. The chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), Philip Lane, he said he expects inflation to come down this year and that energy prices remain a concern.

Slight growth ofEuro / US dollar, which rises to an altitude of 1,135. L’Oro the session continued at the levels of the day before, reporting a variation of + 0.06%. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) continued the session just below par with a negative change of 0.63%.

Increase it a little spread, which rises to +140 basis points, with a slight increase of 2 basis points, with the yield of the 10-year BTP equal to 1.32%.

In the European stock market scenario small loss for Frankfurt, which trades with a -0.65%, positive balance for London, which boasts a progress of 0.47%, and hesitates Paris, which yields 0.42%.

In Milan, the FTSE MIB is substantially stable, closing the day on 27,618 points, while, on the contrary, the FTSE Italia All-Share, which lost 0.20%, closing at 30,167 points.

In red the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-0.76%); as well, downhill the FTSE Italia Star (-0,96%).

At the close of the Milan Stock Exchange, the turnover in today’s session was equal to 2.4 billion euros, a significant decrease (-16.89%), compared to the previous session which had seen the trading of 2.89 billion euros; while the volumes traded went from 0.74 billion shares of the previous session to today’s 0.64 billion.

Between best performers of Milan, in evidence STMicroelectronics (+3,65%), Banco BPM (+2,39%), Mediolanum Bank (+1,84%) e Azimut (+1,22%).

The worst performances, however, were recorded on Nexi, which closed at -3.07%.

Collapses Iveco Group, with a decrease of 2.92%.

Sales in full swing Campari, which suffers a decrease of 2.86%.

Bad performance for Moncler, which recorded a decline of 2.48%.

Between best stocks in the FTSE MidCap, Mayor Tecnimont (+2,30%), Banca Ifis (+1,51%), Sanlorenzo (+1,46%) e Salcef Group (+1,21%).

Stronger sales, on the other hand, fell on Brembo, which ended trading at -2.91%.

Black session for Tod’s, which leaves a loss of 2.80% on the table.

In free fall Brunello Cucinelli, which sinks by 2.80%.

Heavy Juventus, which marks a drop of as much as -2.66 percentage points.

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