Serie A, postponements, recoveries and competitions at risk: what you need to know

Serie A, postponements, recoveries and competitions at risk: what you need to know
Serie A, postponements, recoveries and competitions at risk: what you need to know

The ASL series is back. Four matches not played on the day of the Epiphany. Three more will not be played on Sunday. A new protocol approved as a matter of urgency. And a control room to put an end to the differences in treatment of local health authorities. Let’s try to dissolve the doubts about the chaos that paralyzed half the championship.

What games were not played?

Four games have not been played: Bologna v Inter, Atalanta-Turin, Fiorentina-Udinese e Salerno-Venice. Bologna, Turin, Udinese and Salernitana had been blocked by the health authorities. Udinese-Salernitana on the last day of the first round was also missed. The matches, however, were not postponed: therefore the opponents were “forced” to take the field anyway, to avoid losing at the table, and to wait on the pitch for 45 minutes together with the referees. Inter played a family match at Dall’Ara, Fiorentina trained at Franchi. What happens now?

De Laurentiis’ somersault in football with no more rules

by Maurizio Crosetti

06 January 2022

The precedent of Juventus-Napoli

Regulation in hand, the teams blocked by the ASL should be punished with 0-3 at the table and a penalty point, only to then rely on the cause of force majeure, that is the order of the authority. Exactly as happened to Napoli against Juventus in the past season: the College of Guarantee at the Coni, overturning the opinion of the Federation Court, ordered the game to be played.

In reality, in the last championship the sporting judge already decided differently for Lazio-Turin: Toro had been blocked by the ASL, the sports judge immediately recognized the legitimate impediment and established that another date for the match was set. For Udinese-Salernitana on December 22, the trial was suspended.

The question is: why does the League not postpone the matches avoiding legal consequences? Simple: after the case of 2020, when Sky suspended payments for the stop to the championship, the League does not want to risk new tensions with TV and defends the principle according to which we must play at all costs.

The new protocol

On Sunday the question will arise again. Bologna, Turin and Udinese will not be able to take the field, at least not with the starting team. But on Thursday the League approved a new protocol that requires all clubs to play as long as they have at least 13 players available (including at least one goalkeeper), including the Primavera players born by 31 December 2003. In practice, the teams stopped by the ASL are forced to send the young players to the field if they want to avoid a 3-0 defeat at the table and a penalty point.

Serie A and Covid, ghost matches and the new protocol to overcome the ASL

by Matteo Pinci and Franco Vanni

06 January 2022

Many opposing voices among the clubs of A, worried about offering a show even worse than the teams left waiting, with inevitable damage to image and consequences for the credibility of the movement. Also because the scenario could materialize in at least 3 matches scheduled for Sunday: Cagliari-Bologna, Turin-Fiorentina e Udinese-Atalanta. It remains in doubt Verona-Salernitana: the people of Campania are waiting to know their destiny. It will depend on the swabs of the players who have had direct contact with the positives.

The Serie A League is confident: “We are confident that we will be able to play all the matches on January 9”. It remains to be seen whether the clubs involved will agree to send the boys onto the pitch or try to force their hand and then play their game in the sports courts.

The problem of recoveries

The risk for Lega Serie A is to find themselves with 8 or 9 games to recover. But the teams involved are almost always the same (theUdinese would have three, la Salerno two or three, Bologna, Torino, Fiorentina e Atalanta two, one for Inter, Cagliari, Verona e Venezia). And that means more windows will be needed.

The problem mainly concerns the teams involved in the European cups, that is Inter e Atalanta. For the others it is also possible to play on Wednesdays when there is the Champions League. Before setting the dates, however, it will be necessary to wait for the entire iter of sports justice, up to the Coni Guarantee College.

Are other changes possible?

On Wednesday, the State-Regions Conference will have to dictate criteria for uniform regulation of cases. We want to overcome the babel of the provisions of the various local health authorities. The Undersecretary with responsibility for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, spoke of “permanent control room”. The Football Federation has written to the government giving the willingness to open up to the obligation of the third dose for the players (hoped for by the CEO of Inter, Marotta) and to return to a rigid bubble in the event of new positivity.

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