the sms that keeps you broke

New scam against Poste Italiane and its customers. A text message allows scammers to access accounts leaving the holders without money.


Italian post seems to be the ideal victim of hackers and scammers. The company boasts an extraordinary number of customers and consequently a large number of potential victims for cyber criminals. The phishing attempts implemented in recent months are increasingly frequent and innovative. The e-mail they are the first means used to scare the customers of Poste Italiane and induce them to make errors of evaluation. Despite numerous warnings from do not click on links and not to enter personal data and login credentials if unsure of the platform used, the victims of scams continue to be numerous. The last warning is given by a sms that arrives on the smartphone to empty the account.

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Poste Italiane and the sms scam

Criminals choose Poste Italiane to send traps to unsuspecting victims. Read how the sender of a text message from the Italian companyin fact, it reassures citizens. As a result, they will let their guard down and fall into the scam more easily. Attention, therefore, must never diminish and before carrying out any operation it is good contact a post office directly to understand if the message was actually sent by the company.

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The latest scam sms contains a text intended to scare the victim, as usual. The content mentions one alleged anomaly on the account and invites the customer to click on the attached link to complete the procedure and bring everything back to normal. Well, by making this small gesture you will fall directly into the trap of criminals by taking risks to lose your money.

How to prevent the scam

The scammers’ system is based on the fear of victims of losing their savings. They warn via a fake text message of a serious problem relating to the current account and invite the unfortunate to follow various steps to quickly resolve the issue. The link will lead not to a Poste Italiane page but to an address created specifically to retrieve passwords, credentials and personal data of the company’s customer.

To prevent the scam it is necessary be wary of text messages, e-mails and phone calls in which you are asked to provide information related to accounts and the like. Also, as already mentioned, never click on the links in the text.


sms broke

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