took a 28 year old. The couple is very serious

took a 28 year old. The couple is very serious
took a 28 year old. The couple is very serious

He stabs elderly parents at home: took a 28 year old. It happens in the hinterland of Milan, where a young Italian was stopped by the carabinieri on charges of stabbing the two parents in the throat in their home in Opera. The couple, he 83, she 63, is now hospitalized in danger of life. The boy, who allegedly has psychiatric problems, was blocked in San Donato Milanese in the morning after a chase and is guarded in the psychiatry ward of the San Paolo hospital.

Positive at Covid, he leaves the house and overturns with the car: a 37-year-old is serious

The Milan prosecutor Paolo Filippini was informed of the episode for urgent acts. The young man currently guarded in the hospital was being treated at the Cps of Rozzano (Milan). According to what was reported by the Carabinieri “the attacker, having left the house, was involved in a road accident with another car and was transported to the San Paolo hospital in Milan”.

The 28-year-old, according to a reconstruction by the investigators, closed the couple at home after the attack and escaped and was then involved in a car accident. When he was blocked, he was still reported to have blood on his hands. The alarm was raised by some neighbors and the police had to break down the door of the apartment in via Cefalonia to help the couple, hospitalized in danger of life (the 83-year-old father at the Milan Polyclinic and the 63-year-old mother at the Humanitas in Rozzano). The prosecutor on duty Paolo Filippini is awaiting the documents on the matter including the arrest report.

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