NASA, first photos of DART mission released

NASA has officially published the very first photos of the DART mission, that is another enterprise of the space agency and about which we will be able to inform ourselves for the simple fact that it is extremely important and very interesting. But what does this new space travel consist of?

The launch of the probe has already taken place for some time, and it seems that its goal has always been to divert the trajectory of the asteroid –

the space agencies from all over the world are always going to work to show everyone just how advanced they really are technological level, and we can understand this from some happenings not indifferent and that have profoundly influenced us.

Among these we cannot ignore the events most important of the 2021, such as the launch of the space telescope James Webb or space tourism with the first civilians of the Terra. In short, let’s say that we really don’t miss anything from this point of view.

Nor will we hear any now lack seen and considered that some have been released Photo concerning the new mission of the NASA, which is already in progress and seems to have started give some important moments from only a few images.

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So, with such premises, there is nothing else left than explore the content in question and see which ones Photo they affected us all so much. Will we like them? Certainly, on the other hand the NASA it has never let us down until now.

The explanation of the pictures

While you don’t seem to see anything special, this photo features several huge stars –

L’American space agency, as we know, had launched one probe against an asteroid that would change his orbit well in advance, preventing the giant rock from crash on the earth’s surface.

The mission is called DART, which stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, and it has begun officially for some time. It seems that only the September 26 this year, with the specific aim of hitting the binary system of asteroids Dydymos and then, Dimorphos, which is the main object to move.

In the photos we can see the probe taken by the telescopic system DRACO, acronym for Didymos Reconnaissance and Asteroid Camera for Optical Navigation, in which only a few are noticed dots nell’darkness of the infinite space. In short, it seems that there is really nothing interesting, right?

In fact theasteroid it is much closer than it seems. The first image was made on December 7, 2021 at approx 3 million kilometers from Earth, which, astronomically speaking, means it’s not that far away. Which would explain why there are few differences between elements caught and giving a very profound meaning to the work done by DRACO, a real revolutionary machine.

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The second photoinstead, it portrays one dozen stars, crystalline e sharp, which are located near the point where the constellations Perseus, Aries and Taurus intersect, captured only the December 10. From this, therefore, we can easily understand how theasteroid got closer and closer.

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