Common cold can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle

Common cold can be prevented with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Simple steps that everyone can take

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Yes, there will also be covid, with its latest stray variant but this does not mean that we can no longer get sick of cold or flu. Indeed, we are now in that period of the year in which the incidences also from flu increase and those of seasonal ailments, such as colds and coughs. But, knowing the times, knowing that for every slightest doubt you are now forced to run to the tampon, it would be so much better – for reasons of both mental and obviously physical tranquility – to avoid taking it. And here the question arises: if we know the ways to avoid taking the covid, what are the ways to protect ourselves equally from the cold? Let’s see them right away.

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In times of flu, the tricks to prevent colds

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The cold, just like the corona, is an airborne virus that is transmitted. Ergo, to prevent it the ways are similar. It is no coincidence that, compared to previous years when the pandemic was just a word, colds have decreased.

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In order not to catch a cold, considering that this is caused by the stay of many people in the same room which facilitates the infection, keep the mask e keep your distance it already does a lot, let’s say eighty percent of the work. The rest can be done by a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so that our body has support. Proper nutrition and adequate physical activity will increase our immune defenses and therefore the probability of getting sick.

Let’s not forget either, but that also applies to the pandemic virus, di wash our hands frequently and not to touch your nose and mouth with unwashed hands.


Common cold prevented healthy lifestyle

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