Volleyball, Coppa Italia (F) – Conegliano is infinite, Novara comeback and at the tie-break he wins his 4th Italian Cup

Volleyball, Coppa Italia (F) – Conegliano is infinite, Novara comeback and at the tie-break he wins his 4th Italian Cup
Volleyball, Coppa Italia (F) – Conegliano is infinite, Novara comeback and at the tie-break he wins his 4th Italian Cup

A beautiful ending: a real spot for Italian volleyball! With an incredible comeback, theImoco Conegliano wins the 4ª Italian Cup of its history, the third in a row. To hand it over to Joanna Wolosz is the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, a great fan of volleyball (especially women) and probably in one of his latest public outings in an institutional capacity. An important gesture, the presence of Mattarella at Sports Palace in Rome, towards sport in general, not just volleyball, useful to underline the importance of sporting disciplines at 360 °. Open applause also for theIgor Gorgonzola Novara, dominant in the first two sets thanks above all to Ebrar Karakurt (23 points) and never tame, not even in a tie-break in which he cancels three match-points at the Panthers. Paola Egonu, MVP of the final, is confirmed as essential for this dream team: net of who will put the accent on the 11 errors, the opposite slips 26 points and it is decisive from the 3rd set onwards, but especially in the tie-break. This final certifies the level of two great teams, which we hope will also reach the end of the CEV Champions League. If the training of coach Daniele Santarelli is capable of undertaking at the limits of human possibilities, the one coached by Stefano Lavarini confirms that it is ever closer to Imoco, in a volleyball rivalry which is undoubtedly good for the Italian movement, but not only. The ability to suffer is now a trademark for the Imoco, which today also benefits from a sumptuous Kathryn Plummer (17 points), a granite Raphaela Folie (15) and a decisive one Megan Courtney: the US takes the place of Miriam Sylla – the latter obviously not at its best yet – and is fundamental between 4th and 5th set with intelligent plays. For Igor Gorgonzola, the awareness of being a complete team, driven by the sublime direction of Micha Hancock, from the volleyball manual contained in the hands of Caterina Bosetti and from the pride of captain Cristina Chirichella.

Chirichella says no! What a wall to one for the Novara captain

Hancock begins immediately to bomb from nine meters, threading two aces in a row in intra-rotation in the conflict zone between places 5 and 6 and making De Gennaro’s reception jump. Wolosz instead relies on the 1st time of his power plants, but the Igor Gorgonzola seems to have an edge at 360 ° while the reception of Conegliano continues to be too defective (4-10). Karakurt is overflowing in attack, above all because Hancock almost always leaves her with a block to one; Novara also works very well in fundamental to network and manages to limit Egonu’s blows, thus touching the +7 (7-14). The exchanges become very long and Chirichella joins the offensive festival of coach Lavarini’s team, both in 1st half and in fast. Despite having the set in his hands, the AGIL sends out two good attacks and allows the Imoco to return a little below (13-17), thus having to resort to the timeout to avoid further damage. Hancock starts to vary a lot openings and also involves Sara bonifacio in the center, while coach Santarelli inserts Lara Caravello to reinforce the Panthers’ reception. Karakurt becomes unsurpassed even on the wall and print Sylla in parallel, for then sign the 1-0 with a bomb diagonally, after having defended a lob from Plummer in an incredible way.


Egonu drags Conegliano: 3-1 in Busto Arsizio and final


The beginning of 2nd set is practically opposite to the previous one, with Robin De Kruijf which rises decisively with hits on the wall and Sylla’s reception which returns to be positive. Nika Daalderop however, she is a professor in attack and, together with aEleonora Fersino setter added, promptly signs the tie (4-4). The show of the Turkish opposite it is impressive and does not give a chance to the defense of a Conegliano who, on the other hand, fails to win the long rallies. The Imoco wall however, returns to be intrusive and well positioned, limiting Karakurt himself, and so the team of coach Santarelli mentions the escape on the 10-7. The reaction of the Igor Gorgonzola is vehement, with Chirichella taking the team on his shoulders: break at 1-10, also because the Prosecco DOC is not at all lucid and starts to suffer a lot in reception on the opponents’ batting shifts (11-17). Santarelli no longer has timeouts – only one per set in this final – and cannot interrupt the game, but decides to change Sylla with Loveth Omoruyi. Egonu’s pipe is one of the few plays that yield points, but the Panthers’ pride is still worth the provisional -4 also because AGIL slips a few mistakes too many. Then it’s up to again Chirichella-Karakurt couple realize the decisive plays for the 2-0, with the opposite returning irrepressible diagonally from seat 4.

Courtney it is the card played by Conegliano in the opening of the 3rd set to try to blow the bank a bit, but the Panthers almost never seem at ease in this final. But now the reception of Novara is jumping, with Plummer taking advantage of it for some slash and the cambio di Daalderop con Britt Herbots: the US gang also blocks Karakurt in parallel for the extension of the Italian champions (9-5). Plummer herself becomes the reference offensive terminal for Wolosz, also because Egonu continues to travel at alternating current. Although the Imoco has found chorality and a little Egonu, the pride of the Igor Gorgonzola and the hands-out of the returning Daalderop they are worth 16-14 and make the fraction very hard fought. Courtney is essential in the second-line fundamentals and restores balance to the 6 + 1 of the Panthers, but it is Egonu to sign the plays which seem to definitively address the set (21-17). The blue opposite goes up completely in the chair, with Wolosz who almost forgets about the other companions to arm his arm, dragging the Imoco to the 25-21 and at the same time reopening a really beautiful final.

Bosetti, already perfect in the previous set, becomes the protagonist at the beginning of the 4th and helps one However, Karakurt is essential for the attack of the AGIL. Egonu, however, has found rhythm and confidence, but it is all of Conegliano to have changed face and intensity, so the challenge takes on the features of a point-to-point battle (7-6). Wolosz returns to play a lot with his power plants, especially with the fast di De Kruijf, while Hancock systematically relies on Karakurt, even in the pipe. The mani-outs dominate the set, because both teams work really well against the wall: if the Igor Gorgonzola almost always attacks with Karakurt, the Prosecco DOC alternates with the Egonu-Plummer couple and still remains ahead in the partial (19-16). On the taraflex it is also revised Haleigh Washington – and it is great news to be able to re-admire the Olympic champion – but it is Folie who takes the stage, printing a wall-roof worth +4 and forcing coach Lavarini to timeout. Egonu incredibly returns to make a lot of mistakes, sending out two attacks of capital importance, and the period once again assumes an absolute equilibrium. Paola, however, finds a mani-out confirmed by the video-check and then literally takes off to correct imperfect timing in the pipe, with the lob worth the 25-22 and send the final to the tie-break!

The 5th set was inaugurated by two consecutive errors from nine meters: a symptom of the tension that pervades all twelve volleyball players on the taraflex. Folie, however, invented two aces in a row groped to immediately break the balance on 4-1, with coach Lavarini who uses the timeout to stem the central service. Courtney pulls full arm and finds spectacular points, but Conegliano is unable even now to limit him excessive power – athletic and technical – of Karakurt and Novara goes back below (6-5). Bosetti becomes the reference offensive terminal for Hancock, although there is also room for very fast 1st half on both sides, while Karakurt shoots out a very important diagonal (10-8). Fersino and instead spatial reception and roofing, today Wolosz libera Egonu con muro a uno e Paola never betrays. Wall triplication allows the Imoco to limit Karakurt and fly on 13-10, with Egonu who can also sink the parallel and give four match points to the Panthers. Fersino immolates himself again in defense and the Igor puts in a incredible 0-3, with Bosetti in the chair to give volleyball lessons to the entire Palazzo dello Sport. At 14-13 and after Santarelli’s timeout, anyone would expect the opening behind Wolosz for Egonu, but the setter play fast with De Kruijf: ball on the ground e 4th success in the Italian Cup for the Imoco!

The match report

Prosecco DOC Imoco Volley Conegliano – Igor Gorgonzola Novara 3-2 (19-25; 19-25; 25-21; 25-22; 15-13)

  • Conegliano: Caravello, Plummer 17, Courtney 7, Butigan, De Kruijf 7, Folie 15, Omoruyi, De Gennaro (L), Vuchkova ne, Frosini (L) ne, Gennari ne, Wolosz 3, Sylla 4, Egonu 26. All. Santarelli.
  • Novara: Imperiali (L) ne, Herbots 1, Montibeller, Battistoni ne, Fersino (L), Bosetti 16, Chirichella 11, Hancock 4, Bonifacio 5, Washington 1, Costantini ne, D’Odorico, Daalderop 16, Karakurt 23. All. Lavarini.

* * *

Highlights: Dynamo Moscow 0-3 Novara

CEV Champions League Women

Egonu leaves Conegliano: he will fly to Turkey at the VakifBank



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