“To interrupt the presidency of Conte”. The 5s anti-Giuseppi riot

“To interrupt the presidency of Conte”. The 5s anti-Giuseppi riot
“To interrupt the presidency of Conte”. The 5s anti-Giuseppi riot

The closer the vote for the Quirinale gets closer, the more tempers are heated inside the M5S. While the strategy that the leader wants to adopt is not yet clear Giuseppe Conte, from Palazzo Madama came the clear indication to aim for a reconfirmation by Sergio Mattarella.

“On the eve of one of the most important moments of the legislature, we knocked ourselves out”, say a ilGiornale.it some pentastellated senators, embittered by the events of recent days. “Everyone’s nerves have jumped after the latest developments,” admit the most disappointed by the attitude of the former prime minister. “Conte at this point would do better to go home, he has failed all along the line, so he leads us to crash. So also for future commitments it is better to put an end to this leadership that is not leadership as soon as possible”, are the declarations collected in the Senate, a place considered a Count’s fort until a few months ago. Today, however, his leadership is described as “a non-guide”. Indeed, worse. “It is a disastrous experience that is leaking from all sides,” the pentastellated senators tell us. And if at Palazzo Madama Conte no longer enjoys the esteem of the past, in the Chamber it seems to have been abandoned even by the very few faithful. “For the Colle game, our weight is equal to zero. People like Toti or Renzi, who have a much, much lower specific weight than ours, seem giants compared to Conte”, commented a group of Grillini deputies, worried because “the situation is not destined to improve”. The fear of not touching the ball during the match for the Quirinale is palpable. “At the end of the game we will be non-existent, even if we are a larger political force than parliament. It is scandalous and something must be done, starting with the interruption of Conte’s presidency in the Movement”, they conclude.

The former prime minister, in summary, rather than dictating the line to the parliamentarians seems almost obliged to follow that drawn by the building, to avoid at least passively undergoing it. In these hours, in fact, the pressure of the senators to focus on the Mattarella-bis becomes more and more insistent, also in an anti-Draghi function. As Il Giornale wrote, the fear of the pentastellated parliamentarians is that Conte will be tempted to accept the passage of Draghi from Palazzo Chigi to the Colle to obtain an early vote. A return to the polls, in fact, would allow Conte to have a smaller parliamentary troop, but certainly more faithful to his wishes. “The groups will oppose any decision by Conte”, confirmed an authoritative source inside Domenico Di Sanzo.


interrupt presidency Conte antiGiuseppi riot

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