Serie A, covid updates postponement of matches January 6 local ASL decisions

Serie A, covid updates postponement of matches January 6 local ASL decisions
Serie A, covid updates postponement of matches January 6 local ASL decisions

A field day. In Serie A all the technicians of the teams involved tomorrow spoke slowly, but everything is happening from the various local health companies. During the day, Turin stopped in the away match in Bergamo against Atalanta, but not for Napoli in Turin against Juventus, albeit in a similar situation. There is also Udinese who ask for the postponement of the match with Fiorentina and Salernitana with 11 positives that aim not to appear with Venice. Here, more updates.

21:00 – The point so far: 4 games will not be played

Meanwhile, let’s take stock so far. Officially postponed by the local ASL: Bologna v Inter e Turin-Atalanta. At very strong risk Fiorentina-Udinese (with Udinese who did not go to Florence) e Salerno-Venice (with Campania who will not show up with 11 positive players and more than 25 in the staff). So there won’t be 4 games tomorrow.

A league

Serie A: the ASL of Turin bans the Bull in Bergamo. Udinese in doubt


20:10 Extraordinary League Council

Meanwhile, remotely, an extraordinary Lega council is about to take off: obviously what to do with this day will be decided.

19:53 Bologna-Inter postponed for Covid

According to what Resto del Carlino reports, the match between Bologna and Inter scheduled for tomorrow at 12.30 at Dall’Ara will not be played. The Ausl decided it, after repeated contacts with Bologna, judging that there were not the necessary security conditions to take the field due to the Covid outbreak who knocked out 8 rossoblù players. The decision is made and will be officially announced tonight or tomorrow morning. The match will be postponed.

19:20 CLAMOROSO: ASL 2 Napoli quarantines 3 players already on their way to Turin

Masterpiece in Naples where ASL 2 Napoli Nord actually goes against ASL 1. While the team was flying to Turin where they will face Juventus following a press release in which ASL 1 had in fact left free choice to the company , ASL 2 Napoli Nord has ordered the stop for Zielinski, Lobokta and Rrhamani. The three were in fact identified as people who have had close contact with positives and who, although vaccinated, did not undergo the booster dose (third dose) and whose vaccination with the second dose took place for more than 120 days. This was communicated by ANSA. So the 3, traveling with the team and in the plane, are blocked. And now?

19:00 Director of AUSL Bologna: towards return Bologna-Inter

Due to the high number of coronavirus infections, according to what is learned, the Public Health Department of the Bologna Usl Company is preparing a provision so that the Bologna-Inter match scheduled for tomorrow at the Dall’Ara Stadium is not played. “All the agonistic and training activities of Bologna are canceled – the Ausl company said”

Allegri: “Morata stays. I told him ‘Alvaro you don’t move!'”

Transfer market

Gasperini: “Piccoli and Miranchuk remain. Market just opened”


A league

Atalanta-Turin: probable formations and statistics



Serie covid updates postponement matches January local ASL decisions

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