Covid: vaccine requirement for over 50s. Super green pass also in banks, post offices and hairdressers

First the control room, then the meeting with the Regions and finally the Cdm

The new tightening promoted by the Government to keep Covid infections under control will therefore develop through the extension of the super green pass (which can only be obtained with a vaccine or Covid recovery) in the workplace, for those over 50 years old. Anyone who is unemployed, and has passed the age of 50, will still have to get vaccinated. The provision contained in the draft decree was outlined during the control room, which took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 5 January at Palazzo Chigi. In addition to the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the heads of delegation of the political forces supporting the executive, the president of the ISS Silvio Brusaferro and the head of the Cts Franco Locatelli also participated. After the control room, the meeting between the Government and the representatives of the Regions began (Anci and Upi also participated). Finally, shortly after 18.30 it was the turn of the Council of Ministers, which will set off the green light for yet another anti-contagion decree. The meeting of the CDM opened with an hour of delay, due to the intense discussion on the school during the meeting between the Regions and the Government. At the control room, on the other hand, there was no mention of a squeeze to access the stadiums and sports halls.

Draft decree, with 3 infections in non-vaccinated superiors in Dad

In the draft also the new provisions in view of the return to class. In elementary schools, with only one infection, the class remains in attendance with verification testing, but with two it all goes to Dad. In high school and middle school, Dad would start only in the fourth case in class, while with three cases only the vaccinated would remain in the presence and in any case monitored (Dad for the unvaccinated). Even in high school, with up to two cases, self-monitoring is provided for everyone and Ffp2 use. Also in the draft of the provision we read that the Commissioner for Emergency authorized the allocation of 92 million and 505 thousand euros until 28 February 2022 regarding the execution of free rapid tests, for the tracing of Covid infections on the school population of lower and upper secondary schools, subject to self-supervision.

Omicron’s run convinced the government

It is the race of the Omicron variant that has convinced the government to field a new squeeze to curb contagions. Contagions that run: according to data from the bulletin of the Ministry of Health on the new coronavirus, 189,109 new infections from Covid-19 have been recorded in the last 24 hours. There are 231 deaths.

An audience of nearly two million and 300 thousand people

According to the findings of Lab24, in the 50-59 age group the people who have not received any vaccine dose are just over a million (1,070,076), in those between 60 and 69 they are over 650 thousand (651,864), in the 70-79 are 391,533 and among the over 80 there are over 185 thousand (185,568). Adding up, an audience of almost two million and 300 thousand people (2,299,041) who would be affected by the new squeeze is outlined.

Control room, increase smart working

Extension of the super green pass in the workplace, but not only. In the control room, another dossier would also have been dealt with, that of agile work. To counter the increase in infections, and slow down the run of the Omicron variant, it is necessary to encourage the use of smart working within the framework of the current rules, and this both in the public and in the private sector. This would be the indication that emerged.

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