Djokovic at the Australian Open thanks to the “exemption”. And on social media many cry out to scandal

Djokovic at the Australian Open thanks to the “exemption”. And on social media many cry out to scandal
Djokovic at the Australian Open thanks to the “exemption”. And on social media many cry out to scandal

Since tennis number 1 Novak Djokovic announced at around noon that he had been admitted to the Australian Open despite never declaring his vaccination status, the hashtag Djokovic is at the top of global trends on Twitter, and on other social platforms as well discussions are on fire.

The clarification of the organizers from Tennis Australia did little, assuring that the decision was made after “a rigorous review process involving two independent and separate groups of medical experts”, according to “fair and independent protocols”.

The first to not take it too well were the tennis players themselves. Speaking after Great Britain’s defeat to Canada in the ATP Cup Jamie Murray he said: “I think if I hadn’t been vaccinated, I wouldn’t have gotten an exemption.” Even the Australian Alex de Minaur commented: “I just think it’s very interesting, that’s all I’m going to say. That’s what it is … I heard there were other cases too, they got exemptions, I hope they meet all the criteria.”

“It seems unkind of the world number 1,” remarked the two-time Roland Garros champion Nicola Pietrangeli: “I do not know if he is vaccinated or not and I do not enter into the merits of his choice, but what I find absurd is that the Australian government allows him to enter and participate in the tournament without the vaccine. The number 20 could also do the same thing ? And the same number 30? He, in my opinion, should lead by example. ” The two-time Roland Garros champion Nicola Pietrangeli comments on the vaccination exemption

The controversy has also flared up in Italy. “Being one of the best players of all time has some privileges, but it brings with it great responsibilities,” tweeted the former Juventus player. Claudio Marchisio.

The virologist is very hard Massimo Clementi, professor at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University: “Did any of you understand why Djokovic was exempted from vaccination to participate in the Australian open, while the other competitors must be vaccinated? I don’t. Did he pay to be exempted? the nice Aussies. Do you have medical reasons not to get vaccinated? The nice Aussies tell us. Can I say that it seems like a bad story? This arrogant who was a great champion but is no longer who uses little tricks to get privileges) should be disqualified. ” His colleague is also very clear Roberto Burioni on Twitter: “The only valid reasons for a medical exemption from the vaccine are a very serious anaphylaxis on the occasion of the first dose or a severe allergy to one of the components of the vaccine: the exemption granted to Djokovic is therefore not in the least credible. Shame.” The chirping of the president of the Gimbe Foundation is lapidary Nino Cartabellotta: “The shameful exemption of prime numbers”.

Among the politicians, the secretary of the Democratic Party tweeted Enrico Letta (“If the sfanga is really game over”) and the deputy of Italia Viva Luciano Nobili: “The fundamental principle of sport is that the rules are the same for everyone: the number one and the unknown outsider who can beat him. Without this principle, it is the end of sport. Djokovic’s mistake to reject the vaccine and that of # AusOpen to accept it are very serious “. The president of the Lazio Region cuts short Nicola Zingaretti: “Shit”. And for his councilor Alessio D’Amato Djokovic is “a bad teacher”.


Djokovic Australian Open exemption social media cry scandal

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