School, is the government rethinking it? Draghi-Son Summit. The Regions insist on Dad and stop to swab the first day

Following the denial on a possible postponement of the date of return to class and a possible appeal to Dad, Prime Minister Mario Draghi today received the Education Ministers Patrizio Bianchi and Health Roberto Speranza at Palazzo Chigi, together with the commissioner of all Covid emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. On the table of the government meeting, which lasted just over an hour, the development of the rules for positive students or for contacts with positives in view of the reopening of schools. Although the return to class remains fixed, as per the official calendar, between 7 and 10 January, today’s meeting suggests that there is much to discuss around the topic of school and Covid infections, also in light of the requests of the regions. Time is running out and one screening punctuality of all students before the sound of the new year bell appears to be a complicated road to take, but according to school administrators it remains necessary. The coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee Franco Locatelli, for example, had advanced the hypothesis of postponing the return for a week to facilitate the tampon operation, a week that would then be made up at the end of the school year. Meanwhile, the Regions, primarily the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca, continue to push for distance learning in an attempt to contain the spread of new infections, despite the fact that the situation has already gotten out of hand in many areas.

Regions ask for Dad

Precisely in consideration of the fact that the trend of the pandemic, pushed by Omicron, is bending the Italian regions – since the beginning of the year at least 269,000 infections throughout Italy -, the governors continue to ask the government for the adoption of distance learning . For this they have developed a draft with the guidelines that they would like to be applied in the institutes. The document will then be presented to the executive and, perhaps, a mediation will be found. In detail, the regional presidents ask that in elementary and sixth grade, with four or more infections in the classroom, a week of Dad and quarantine be provided for all pupils in the class, in addition to the swab for those who are not vaccinated, if those who have completed the vaccination course have no symptoms. In the event of a threshold of less than four infections, the governors ask for self-monitoring to be provided for all and the recommendation to wear the Ffp2 mask. Among other instances, more difficult to apply, is that of asking pupils to refrain from attending environments other than family ones.

In general, the Regions ask that these guidelines can be applied taking into account the transmission speed of the Omicron variant and in the presence of a fairly high student vaccination coverage (70%). As for the nursery school, the regions are asking for a stop to attendance and quarantine even in the case of only one student positive for Covid. According to the same document, which the governors will present to the government, for primary and lower secondary schools, for students under the age of 12, the quarantine and the interruption of attendance are triggered with at least two infected (in the case of a only positive the contacts remain in the classroom in self-monitoring). Different case for secondary schools of first (12 years or more) and second grade: in this context, the stop to attendance and quarantine are triggered with a minimum of 3 cases. The draft also recommends avoiding the resumption of physical education, singing lessons and the use of wind instruments, promoting greater use of Ffp2 masks and, finally, verifying the correctness of eating meals in the canteen.

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