Friuli Venezia Giulia plagued by infections: 3806 new cases

Friuli Venezia Giulia plagued by infections: 3806 new cases
Friuli Venezia Giulia plagued by infections: 3806 new cases

New peak of positivity at Covid-19 in Friuli Venezia Giulia with 3806 new infections detected, 85 of which only among the staff of the regional health system. A ‘monstre’ figure that follows the trend that emerged between 2021 and the beginning of the new year. 14,066 cases have been discovered in the last 7 days, but the lower number of swabs carried out between New Year and Sunday 2 January must also be calculated to this total. Approximately 20,000 fellow countrymen are in quarantine. But the number is certainly unreal, if you calculate the hundreds of self-isolations taken among relatives waiting for a call from the prevention department.

The number of people admitted to intensive care has decreased by 28 units as well as 306 patients hospitalized in other departments.

In detail, 953 new infections were detected on 8,035 molecular swabs, with a positive percentage of 11.86%. In addition, 19,825 rapid antigenic tests were carried out, from which 2,853 cases were detected (14.39%). Following the communication of the Region of 12/31/2021 in the count of positive cases the subjects tested positive with antigenic swab performed in the pharmacy are also included. In particular, today’s data includes cases with a withdrawal date between 31 December 2021 and 3 January 2022 for a total of 1950 subjects. Of these, the increase in the last 24 hours is 1302 positives.

The first age group for what concerns today’s infection is 20-29 (19.39%), followed by 50-59 (17.81%), 40-49 (16.5%), 0 -19 (15.97%) and finally from 30-39 (15.42%). The positive cases today are given for 50.29% by females and 49.71% by males.

Today the deaths of 8 people are recorded: a 90-year-old man from Trieste (who died in hospital), an 89-year-old man from Caneva (who died in hospital), an 83-year-old man from Gorizia (who died in hospital), an 82-year-old man from Trieste (who died in hospital ), a 78-year-old woman from Gorizia (who died in hospital), a 74-year-old man from Majano (who died in hospital) and finally two 73-year-old men from Trieste (who died in hospital).


With regard to the regional health system, the following positives were found: in the Giuliano Isontina university health company 2 administrators, 2 specialized auxiliaries, 1 driver, 10 nurses, 5 doctors, 3 social health workers, 1 midwife, 4 laboratory technicians ; 1 administrative, 2 specialized auxiliaries, 14 nurses, 1 speech therapist, 4 doctors, 6 social health workers, 1 midwife, 6 technicians, 1 rehabilitation therapist in the Friuli Centrale university health care center; 1 administrative, 1 health assistant, 2 technical assistants, 1 technical employee, 3 nurses, 1 doctor, 3 health workers, 1 midwife, 2 technicians and 1 rehabilitation therapist in the Friuli Occidentale health company; in the maternal and child Irccs Burlo Garofolo 2 midwives, 1 technician; in the Irccs Cro of Aviano: 1 researcher and 1 technician.

With regard to residences for the elderly in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the infection of two guests (Palmanova and Duino Aurisina) and eleven operators (Trieste, Udine, Azzano Decimo, Codroipo, Tolmezzo, Paluzza, Sequals, Martignacco) was recorded.


There were a total of 4242 deaths, with the following territorial subdivision: 1,024 in Trieste, 2,083 in Udine, 787 in Pordenone and 348 in Gorizia. The totally healed are 139,045, the clinically healed 493, while the people in solitary confinement there are 19,744.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 163,858 people have been positive with the following territorial subdivision: 39,402 in Trieste, 68,220 in Udine, 34,407 in Pordenone, 19,439 in Gorizia and 2,390 from outside the region. The total of positives was reduced by four units following three negative molecular tests after positive antigen tests (2 in the province of Pn and 1 in the province of Ud) and following 1 positive test removed after review of the case (province of Pn) .

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