Davide Barani died at 24 of leukemia in Reggio Emilia – Chronicle

Davide Barani died at 24 of leukemia in Reggio Emilia – Chronicle
Davide Barani died at 24 of leukemia in Reggio Emilia – Chronicle

Reggio Emilia, 4 January 2022 – A dive to the heart. Davide Barani, 24, didn’t make it. Last May he was suddenly diagnosed with one severe form of leukemia, and after the care as much professional as it is loving, after bone marrow transplant (donated by his sister Alessia), the constant support of his girlfriend and friends – who displayed banners of encouragement under the windows of the Core – and his indomitable spirit, the tragic news arrived yesterday.

Farewell to the owner of the Capannina. “He fought to the last”

David was the son that all parents would like to raise: intelligent, responsible, witty. He practiced sports, had a thousand interests, was attentive to others. He had a degree in marketing, but he also worked at McDonald’s. A brave boy, able to face the disease. At the beginning of the month, in a long post published on Facebook, had addressed the issue. Words that today, more than ever, move.

“I did not have never really tried the experience of “world falling on you“. All that has been your life so far swept away in an instant. Look your mother in the face and tell her that you are sick. Realize that all the time you always believed you had, from here to old age, what you always took for granted, is not taken for granted. I always knew that our time on this earth is limited, but never so limited, I thought “.

Davide tells about the treatments, life on the swing between hopes and frustrations. “One day, suddenly, it seems the planets have aligned, and the doctors tell you that the transplant is done. I’ve always had the donor at home, my sister Alessia Barani, and now there is also complete remission. October 21, 2021 is the day I am born again, my second birthday, the doctors say. I have a bone marrow transplant. It is not a real surgery, in reality it is a simple transfusion of stem cells from a compatible donor, which will make up your new marrow, your new blood and your new immune system. After two months, the hospital doors open again and you can finally go home. Find all your loved ones again and your friends, with all the necessary precautions, because even if the transplant is done it takes time to recover completely. And in any case the battle is not over. The unexpected is always around the corner, the transplant may not work, the disease can reappear even in new forms and in general you never have certainties on which to rely. The battle has been tough so far and it’s still long, but it’s never all bad. In six months I have never felt alone. “

The wonderful staff who assisted me it has become like a second family, “writes David, grateful.”I received love and support from every possible direction, from the friends of a lifetime as well as from people I haven’t heard from for years or whom I’ve never met. Everyone empathizes, sickness is a terrible thing that no one expects or would ever want to face. And so you accomplish many things“.

A sort of spiritual testament. “Therefore, to you who have come to read this far, i want to leave i miei “two cents”, what I think I have achieved in recent months closed in there. Our time is limited, therefore don’t waste it living a life that doesn’t belong to you, a job you don’t like, a relationship you’re not happy with. This life is the only one they have granted us. We take so many things for granted, and then when we don’t have them we lack them like air to breathe. How many times did I tolerate my parents badly, or I was pissed off at work, or cursed on the street, all of which when I was in there I would have paid to do. Health is not taken for granted, family is not taken for granted, work, friends, nothing is taken for granted in this life.

Be grateful every day for what you already have. And ambitious to have more. Nobody says you have to make do with what you have, but often we focus only on what we don’t have, only on how greener the grass of the neighbor is, forgetting how beautiful our lawn is. Since I realized this I thank every day what I believe in, which can be God, karma, destiny or whatever you prefer, for giving me another day on this earth, and I try to live it to the fullest, to be as happy as I can. And I think living with this philosophy there would be far fewer sad faces around.
Finally, Kobe Bryant said: “Do not leave anything in the tank”. Give everything, 100% of yourself, have no regrets. Do not live this life passively, whatever you do, do it with all your energy “.
Davide leaves her mother Lorena, her father Giorgio, her sister Alessia and the girlfriend Anna. The funeral will take place tomorrow, starting at 3 pm from the Reverberi funeral home in via Terezin 21 for the parish church of S. Anselmo. Any offerings to Core, as David wished.

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