“But the Green Pass doesn’t work, at the bar they treat me like a no vax” – Corriere.it

“But the Green Pass doesn’t work, at the bar they treat me like a no vax” – Corriere.it
“But the Green Pass doesn’t work, at the bar they treat me like a no vax” – Corriere.it
from Barbara Visentin

The presenter on TV with Back to School on Italia 1: I bring back former champions and faces of TV to school

While his tampon turned negative and the Green Pass should work again (but it still doesn’t work and a real problem, at the bar I am looked upon with suspicion and living “da no vax” is impossible), Nicola Savino from tonight at the helm of Back to School, program kicks off in prime time on Italia 1 in which 25 famous people return to the benches to repeat the fifth grade exam.

The conductor spent the holidays at home with Covid, as he himself had told by posting a photo with Jovanotti, who turned out to be positive more or less at the same time: Nobody knows who the greaser, we saw that I already had it, but maybe he too – he says -. I was the first to find out because in December, among the various jobs, I made a tampon a day. I made a molecular one for a very indirect contact I had at Radio Deejay and I tested positive, among other things I learned about it while I was going to do the third dose. The same evening I had the symptoms and the next evening Jovanotti had them. We kept each other company and he recommended so many wonderful movies and series, now I have the rested skin of a 25 year old.

With Back to schoolinstead, the skin to return to that of elementary school students: 25 famous repeat students (including Tot Schillaci, Ignazio Moser, Nicola Ventola, Antonella Elia, Giulia Salemi, Vladimir Luxuria and Lory Del Santo) are guided in the studio by 12 teachers, i.e. children between 7 and 11 years: The exam evidently less simple than it may seem and easy to stumble – laughs Savino -. But the news that many characters have studied and arrived prepared. The program, in many cases, has overturned expectations: The stereotype of the beautiful and stupid or the unprepared footballer so easy that I am often surprised. A Nicola Ventola is amazed who guesses something not simple, a Giulia Salemi who knows a lot about the subject, while a Tot Schillaci who doesn’t know and looks for the suggestion makes a lot of laughs. There are also pitfalls for a woman with excellent speech like Vladimir Luxuria and then there are the educated and prepared by definition, like Jonathan Kashanian who is just from another category.

What comes out of the five episodes, assures the host, to make the whole family smile, in an attempt to do pedagogy, while remaining in the variety. And if he would say no to other reality shows (“TheIsland of the famous“It’s not for me because I can’t bear to skip meals) this convinced him to the point that, if he were not the conductor, he would have participated as a student, with very bad results, but I would have studied to not make a bad impression.

Meanwhile, Savino closed another season of the
Hyenas, the best ever, he says, and tomorrow he also closes his adventure on RaiPlay with The young Old. For this last broadcast he already sees an encore: I hope Mediaset will give me permission again, they are always nice to me. For the Hyenas (and to know what will become of his future since the contract with Mediaset expires in a few months) everything on standby: Currently a construction site is open, we do not know what will happen. We are all asking ourselves a bit, with the utmost collaboration, if it is appropriate to do something else and move on, but maybe not. still premature to say.

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