Infections among health workers are growing: “At least 13,000 positives”. And the unvaccinated are still thousands

A year after the start of the vaccination campaign, doctors without vaccines would be about 20 thousand, a percentage between 3 and 4 percent than those present in Italy. The data was reported by the news agency Ansa and refer to a first estimate made by Fnomceo, the national Federation of the Orders of Physicians and Dentists. This estimate is much higher than that made last November by Fnomceo. As can be seen on a report published by the Health Newspaper, the percentage of vaccine-free doctors was 0.3 percent of the total: approx 1,656 between doctors and dentists. A difference that at this point would lead to think of a communication error. Net of vaccinated people, according to the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospital Companies (Fiaso), the number of Covid-positive health workers at this time has reached 13 thousand.

This figure, however, as explained by the president of Fiaso Giovanni Migliore, is not compromising the health system: “The high number of positives among health workers is creating some problems for absences in the ward, in particular for the organization of nursing shifts. or for the postponement of some scheduled activities, but at the moment, in most of the territories we do not register the closure of departments or the suspension of services “. Best, however, explained that the greatest damage is due to No vax: “For the Covid positive, on the absence rates, in many companies the suspension from the service of doctors, nurses and No vax health workers who do not come to work and create a prolonged discomfort that goes well beyond the expected quarantine week “.

The situation among nurses: over 7,000 positive for the virus

According to the National Federation of Orders of Nursing Professions (Fnopi), the number of nurses infected since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 135 thousand. Currently they would be 7.160 operators who test positive. The unvaccinated instead would be less than 1 percent, circa 6 thousand on 450 thousand members of the various orders. According to the president of Fnopi Barbara Mangiacavalli, from the data we read that it was the vaccine that made it possible to stop the epidemic among health professionals: “The vaccine effect is felt: a June 2020, with the first phase of the pandemic waning, but without vaccines, the ratio of infected health workers to infected population was almost 13 percent. A early 2022, even with cases increasing exponentially, it is about the1.3 percent».

The stabilizations foreseen by the Budget Law

In the Budget Law approved by the Chamber and Senate funds are also provided for the recruitment of temporary workers who have entered the national health system to absorb the impact of the pandemic. Specifically they are 47.994 health professionals affected by this provision: 8.438 medici, 22.507 nurses and 17.049 health and social workers.

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Infections among health workers growing positives unvaccinated thousands

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