Lukaku case, today meeting with Chelsea and Tuchel: “Hot situation”

Lukaku case, today meeting with Chelsea and Tuchel: “Hot situation”
Lukaku case, today meeting with Chelsea and Tuchel: “Hot situation”

Meeting between player, coach and club after the interview of the controversy. The Blues do not want to sell it and against Conte it will be there

The interview of the controversy, the reaction of Tuchel, the exclusion from the match against Liverpool: Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea they faced each other after the storm, in apparent serenity. The situation is fluid, the Blues they don’t want to (and they can’t) lose a player paid 115 million euros just a few months ago and the Belgian, after having made it known of a “hot situation”, has brought the case back.

If after the 2-2 against the Reds, Tuchel had used carrot and stick saying “There is always a way back, it is not the first time that such situations have happened to me. You will know more after we have made a decision “, what transpires from people close to Lukaku still tells of a still strong discomfort in the attacker, probably not regretting the interview released without permission.

I can’t tell you much, the situation is tense. After the meeting on Monday I will be able to talk more about “the messages sent by Big Rom to Tim Howard, former teammate at the time of Manchester United, on NBC.”I think he’s frustrated, the interview was done only because the question of an abrupt farewell remained open with Inter “the words of the former American goalkeeper.

In London there was a meeting between management, Tuchel and Lukaku. The problems returned even without an official position on the part of Chelsea, but Conte’s striker against Tottenham will be reinstated in the squad and the transfer market talks will be postponed until a later date.

In the club’s plans, a sale, either on loan or outright, is out of the question but it is obvious that future developments will depend a lot on the tones and concepts expressed at the top. Decisive day today.


Lukaku case today meeting Chelsea Tuchel Hot situation

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