Child drowned in Torre del Greco, his mother confesses the crime: “She was convinced he was autistic”

Child drowned in Torre del Greco, his mother confesses the crime: “She was convinced he was autistic”
Child drowned in Torre del Greco, his mother confesses the crime: “She was convinced he was autistic”

The 40-year-old woman whose son drowned in the waters in front of the locality confessed to the murder of AG La Scala in Torre del Greco. This is what we learn from investigative sources, which underline how the woman has substantially admitted to having contributed to the death of her son in the belief that he suffered from mental retardation. Delays never diagnosed by the health service, but which were obvious to her.

When questioned by investigators, the woman admitted her responsibilities. Now she is locked up in the women’s prison of Pozzuoli, on the orders of the Torre Annunziata prosecutor. The accusation for her is terrible: voluntary homicide.

The tragedy took place yesterday evening, when the little one was recovered lifeless in the waters in front of La Scala, a stone’s throw from a playground as popular in summer as it is isolated and dark in winter. In this scenario, some people were attracted by the screams: two children, noticed the scene and saw the woman near a cliff, jumped into the water to help the little one. A readiness that however did not help to save him: help was useless and the desperate attempt to give him a heart massage. The investigations, conducted by the carabinieri of the operational section of the company in Viale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, made it possible to collect serious evidence of guilt against the woman. The first to give the alarm was her husband, who had reported his removal from the family home, close to the city center of Torre del Greco, together with little F. around 9 pm. shock, she was taken to the offices of the Arma: here she was questioned, in the presence of the trusted defender, by the prosecutor on duty. At the end of the interrogation the arrest decree arrived.

“Investigations are still underway to fully ascertain the reasons for the murder – said the public prosecutor of Torre Annunziata, Nunzio Fragliasso – but at present, on the basis of the first investigative acquisitions, the woman’s gesture would be attributable to the fact that she believed that her son was suffering from mental retardation problems, although there was no confirmation from the health point of view “. In the area of ​​La Scala for the whole day there were investigative findings but also the pilgrimage of passers-by, very touched by the tragedy. An unknown hand placed a rudimentary wooden cross in the sand, while the area where the tragedy took place was confiscated. Overlooking windows and balconies, the residents of the terminal part of via Calastro, the area where the bathing beaches of the area are located, partly in the territory of Torre del Greco, partly in nearby Herculaneum, speak of an “absurd and inexplicable tragedy”.

It speaks of a “lady who was not present to herself, who lived in a situation of shock and was in a blackout phase that had been going on for a few months” since that is, “she had encountered particular symptoms of the child that made her increase fear that the little one might have pathologies attributable to the autism spectrum“. This is the photograph he makes of the 40-year-old woman accused of killing her two and a half year old son in Torre del Greco, the trusted lawyer of the woman accused of aggravated murder, Ciro Tommaso Civitella. And he is keen to deny that “there were suicidal intentions on the part of my client, as I deny the fact that another person may have entered the crime scene, rumor circulating in the past few hours”. “The lady – he continues – went out last night to take a walk with her son and, without any premeditation, once again enters this tunnel and no longer understands anything, later finding herself with a child in her lifeless arms”.

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