“The horns? I think I have them “

“The horns? I think I have them “
“The horns? I think I have them “

03 January 2022 09:43

Traveling to Montevideo, Rodriguez melts to the spicy revelations

“There are only two horns,” Rodriguez says, placing the goblet on the table. “Sure, why do you want them too?” Griffini asks. “I think I have them” Belen says frankly and confidently, challenging the goal. “You had them” urges Patrizia. “I will definitely have them. No one is saved from the horns ”insists the showgirl. Then to play down Griffini adds: “We are like baskets of snails, full of horns”. And Belen bursts into a big laugh.

The two friends are traveling to Uruguay after spending the Christmas and New Year holidays together in the mountains. They celebrated in the snow with the Rodriguez clan and the little Luna Marì now entrusted to their father Antonino Spinalbese. Belen’s former partner writes in a post: “There is no awareness without suffering. All over the world people go to the limits of the absurd to avoid confronting their souls. Enlightenment is not achieved by imagining figures of light, but by bringing the inner darkness to consciousness. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes up ”.

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