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Rome Daily News radio newspaper or editorial day Monday 3 January microphone Giuliano Ferrigno emergency find the super Green mandatory step for public or private work the extension of the green certificate before activating Guerita It is an increasingly concrete hypothesis I think the logos extension is reasonable of a measure that can incentivize vaccination says Andrea Costa the Undersecretary of Health do not expect steps that the government could take shortly I advise you of ministers that could be held as early as this week the government up to now has decided to take a gradual path I believe that you continue on this road Selva costa in Italy about 19.8 million vaccine booster doses were administered as emerges from the latest report of the extraordinary Commissioner for the total health emergency of the doses administered are 111.4 million in our country each much the 1 Micron variant would seem to cause milder symptoms after one longer incubation Another element is now being added to the picture outlined by studies relating to the most contagious new variant of reality. Increasing number of research indicates that the latest addition among the variants is more likely to infect the throat than the lungs and this according to scientists Could explain why seems to be more infectious but less important than other versions of the virus a series of studies published around Christmas have shown that omicron after the infections does not damage the lungs of people as the Delta variant other previous variants covid the result of all mutations that make it less different from previous variants could be the alteration of the ability to infect different types of light cells Leave the mark all black upper airways It could make it more transmissible would help explain The rapid spread of omicron virus able to penetrate to tissue pulmonary potential could be destined ially to be more dangerous child transmissible yesterday in Italy 61046 new infections are recorded in addition another 100 then earthquakes were carried out 278654 the fucking dihai written at 21.9% the news was confirmed this morning in the province of Varese after trying to kill stabbed his wife but in the closet of his house the carabinieri found the corpse of the forty-year-old son of Varese was house arrest since last November 26th for stabbing a work colleague according to the reconstruction carried out by the military engaged in the investigations added the ex-wife stabbing repeated it Warn the abdomen the back at 36 was taken to the emergency room then the chilling murder of his son the satire ran away and after trying to escape capture he rammed the Carabinieri car and ran away on foot Fortunately, the knife still in hand was stopped in the wooded area of ​​Di Colle Sant’Elia was the latest news for the promotion time back to the next edition
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