arrested while trying to escape –

arrested while trying to escape –
arrested while trying to escape –
from Andrea Camurani

The drama on Saturday evening in Morazzone: Daniele was a guest of his father, Davide Paitoni, for New Year’s Eve. The 40-year-old, under house arrest, also attempted to kill the woman. The body found in a cupboard. In an audio on WhatsApp the man warned his father

accused of having before killed his 7-year-old son Daniele, who was with him to pass the New Year’s, in Morazzone, in the Varese area, and then to have tempted to kill his wife too, from which he was separating. The man, Davide Paitoni, 40 years old, state arrested Sunday morning by the carabinieri of Varese and Saronno while he was fleeing to Viggi, on the border with Switzerland. The detention order was issued in the presence of very serious indications against the man, who she left a note in the closet with the child with a kind of confession e he warned his elderly father – with whom he shared an apartment in a court house – with a voice message to have hurt the little one and not to look in the closet.

The tragedy took place a Morazzone, near Gazzada, in the province of Varese, dove Paitoni was under house arrest in his father’s house: he was accused of having stabbed a co-worker in the back in Azzate, last November 26th. From what emerges, one was in progress separation practice with his wife, who had already reported violence.

The murder, according to what has been reconstructed, would have taken place in the late afternoon of Saturday 1 January. The 40 year old he had been able to spend the New Year with his son that, on Sunday evening, he would have to go back to his mother. Little Daniele was killed with a single blow to the throat. Then Paitoni came out and went to look for his wife at her parents’ house, in Gazzada Schianno, and tried to kill her too, only managing to wound her with a knife. The ex-wife was admitted to the emergency room in Varese, but it would not be life threatening.

They were the woman’s parents, the grandparents of little Daniele, to call the carabinieri and inform them of the presence of their grandson at Paitoni’s house. The military have raided the house of Morazzone and they found the baby unfortunately already dead, hidden in a closet.

The searches for the 40-year-old started, until his car was spotted in the border area: there was a pursuit and a ramming of the carabinieri service car, who reached it on foot in the woods. He had hidden in a hunting lodge and was still armed with a knife.

The prosecutor of the Varese Republic is investigating the matter. Paitoni was arrested by the carabinieri for murder and attempted murder and once the formalities have been completed, he will be taken to prison in Varese.

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January 2, 2022 (change January 2, 2022 | 15:25)


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