immediately resume the ddl process on the sector

Letter sent to the minister. Making every effort to unblock the deadlock in the Senate serves 24,000 businesses

To restart as soon as possible the process of the bill on horticulture, now stopped in the Senate, removing obstacles and difficulties that block the approval of an expected and necessary provision for the 24,000 companies in the sector. This is the crucial message of the letter sent by the president of the Italian Horticultural Association, Aldo Alberto, to the Minister of Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli.

At the end of 2020, recalls the president of the Italian Florovivaisti, the bill with the provisions for the discipline, promotion and enhancement of the activities of the horticultural sector “was approved by the Chamber” and “the path that led to the first goal saw agreements almost all the deputies of the Agriculture Commission “. A success, therefore, for “all those who, with conviction, have seen in the text the legitimacy of a relevant agricultural sector”.

On the other hand, Alberto points out in the letter to the minister, “horticulture is worth 2.7 billion and, with the related industries downstream of the supply chain, we reach over 4 billion. It is a sector with a positive export balance, for over half of production, which guarantees work for over 100,000 employees, among the most specialized in the rural world ”.

In the second year of the pandemic, in March 2021, “the text began its journey in the Senate”, continues the national president, with “many hearings, practically all components of the supply chain”. In particular, as the Italian Flower Nursery Association “in hearing, we presented proposals and hoped for a swift path to instill confidence in a sector that was most affected by the closures for Covid”.

Yet “despite the work done so far and carried out by the senators, the many opinions and insights, the improvements, the text has not been finalized”, observes Alberto. “We do not know the reasons for the stall, but 24,000 companies in the sector await recognition. Any problem can and must be solved ”.

For this reason, is the appeal of the president of the Italian Florovivaisti to Minister Patuanelli, “we ask for his intervention and any effort necessary to remove any obstacles”. The sector, concludes Alberto, “deserves dignity. The work done up to now, from many sides, deserves the right attention. It is unthinkable to stop now ”.

Source: National CIA

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