Another illegal rave party: only cleared after 24 hours

Another illegal rave party: only cleared after 24 hours
Another illegal rave party: only cleared after 24 hours

One rave party 24 hours with about 500 participants. It wasn’t as long as last August held in the Viterbo area, but it didn’t last long. Also because the police only intervened the next day to clear the rally. In spite of those who had to spend the New Year’s Eve at home and not in the square or in the disco to comply with the anti-Covid rules, on the Poti hill, just outside the city of Arezzo, an abusive rave party was organized with hundreds of boys who they greeted the old year and welcomed the new one. Obviously the invitations, as always, arrived via the web and made an appointment at the old Fontemura hotel, now disused, and at an adjacent ruined farmhouse.

500 participants in the abusive rave party

About 500 young people from all over Italy who answered the call where they arrived vans loaded with speakers to play the music. At one point there were also moments of tension with the arrival of the police who tried to prevent the access of the participants to the rave. Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza intervened on the spot and set up the checkpoints. Even a resident who lives in a nearby town would have gotten a door in the face from one of the participants, after he complained about the parking of a van obstructing the passage. The meeting went on all night and only in the morning did the evacuation begin with a lot of identification of those present.

Those who have been identified, a large number of people, will have consequences, as stated in a statement released by the Arezzo police headquarters which announced the latest “Evacuation phase and operations aimed at identifying the participants in the rave party, which made it possible to trace the identity of a large number of individuals, against whom we will subsequently proceed with the related administrative and criminal complaints”. In the note it is then underlined that “A fundamental role was played by the Digos of the Arezzo police headquarters which, thanks to patient awareness-raising activities but above all of mediation, averted much more alarming results from the point of view of public order and safety”.

I only cleared it the next day

The deputy mayor of Arezzo, Lucia Tanti, said: “I want to thank the Carabinieri, the State Police, the Guardia di Finanza, our Municipal for the excellent and effective work that has seen them busy since the early hours of this new year in restoring order and security, dissolving the maxi assembly that was created with the abusive rave in a cottage in Molinelli near the former Fontemura in Poti. And thanks also to our Prefect Maddalena De Luca. The situation is under control and we are proceeding with the clearing out: the swift and organized response of the police has meant that an abusive and potentially insidious event is being resolved in full order and quickly “. The deputy mayor also wanted to underline the absolute lack of responsibility for the difficult and delicate moment that everyone is experiencing due to Covid.


illegal rave party cleared hours

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