Forlì, No vax struck down by Covid: he had tried to treat himself at home with do-it-yourself therapies

The 38-year-old from Forlì not vaccinated and killed on January 1 by Covid had arrived at the hospital in already critical conditions. According to what emerges from a first reconstruction, also reported by Rest of the Carlino, the man allegedly attempted self-treatment at home against prior to admission. The Ausl confirmed the lack of vaccination. The man allegedly contracted the Coronavirus last November, making the decision not to immediately go to health facilities, but to try to treat himself with home therapies. Only in early December, after a progressive worsening of his condition, did the man go to the hospital in Forlì. An extremely critical clinical picture emerged immediately, despite the 38-year-old having no particular previous pathologies. The health personnel tried every possible therapy but the man’s condition worsened. A few days ago, his emergency transfer to the intensive care unit of the Bufalini hospital in Cesena was ordered, where the 38-year-old died.

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Forlì vax struck Covid treat home doityourself therapies

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