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Giucas Casella talking with Eva Grimaldi he returned to address the issue of his sexual orientation by rectifying his first confession to GF Vip, when he declared that he had had a relationship with a friend at the boarding school.

According to the paragnost’s new tale, he would have flirted with more men over the course of his life, but all in his youth.

“I’ve never had an affair with a man” – he said Giucas Casella to Eva Grimaldi – “I had one thing when I was a kid in boarding school, it’s normal among boys. Then it happened again when I was shooting – because I was a nice guy – and every now and then it happened. But I did it like this, for fun. I have never fallen in love. It is now something that I have forgotten, I have never had other impulses, but if it happens I can do it. It’s not a brain thing ”.

Giucas Casella he specified that he felt only a simple physical attraction for men and that he never fell in love.

Giucas Casella, the coming out to Big Brother Vip

His coming out dates back to last October 1st:

“I was also with a man, it happened, yes. For me it is perfectly normal. I remember in college, among us, but it will have happened to you too […] there’s nothing bad. Everyone is free, for me all this is perfectly normal, then everyone makes their own way. It is not that when you go with a man you are homosexual, but it has happened to me and if it happens again I won’t say no. Even if today maybe I would say no. It is one thing when you are young and you can do whatever you want. Now I don’t even think about it anymore, even if I see a person I may like, I repress myself, I don’t take the step forward, then if it’s an extraordinary thing I can fall back on it “.


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