Domenica In, Pretelli left at home by Mara Venier: the reason for the choice

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Giulia Salemi’s companion stopped in the pits: skip the engagement with Domenica In, the hostess of the talk explains why

Published on January 2, 2022

Pierpaolo Pretelli stopped in the pits, no presence a Sunday In in the episode broadcast on Rai Uno on January 2, 2022. To announce that the former velino of Striscia la Notizia will not be part of the cast during the live broadcast was the helmsman of the talk, Mara Venier, who on Instagram also explained the reasons for why it was decided not to involve Giulia Salemi’s partner.

The ‘Aunt’ of the Italians, after having seen last Sunday’s appointment canceled due to the preventive quarantine of its work group, is back live. Shortly before going on the air, in a chat on Instagram with Davide Maggio, Pino Strabioli and Vincenzo De Lucia, he anticipated the absence of Pierpaolo Pretelli

The program, which has halved the cast due to the situation relating to Covid infections and the tracking of close contacts, has decided as a precaution to reduce interventions during the broadcast. Pretelli will find no space. Of course there won’t be the quiz show either Musichiere which sees him as the protagonist.

It remains to be seen whether the choice to do without the young man from Maratea is only temporary, perhaps only for the episode of January 2, or it will also concern the next live shows. Much will depend on the situation inherent in any other infections and tracing among the insiders of the talk on the festive afternoon of the Rai flagship.

Pretelli still looking for a specific role on Domenica In: when being loved on social media is not enough

For a few weeks, Domenica In has ‘bought’ Pretelli, a beloved face on social media. Too bad that for the moment it has been an operation managed in a not very precise way. We tried to brush up on the Musichiere, entrusting it to him in a short playful column. The point is that in the first episodes the result was not the best: little organization and bad television times. A little better in the latest live shows.

The fact remains that the former VIP gieffino does not have a well-defined role in the talk. And in fact it was the first to be parked in the pits.

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