the brigade fines three locales

the brigade fines three locales
the brigade fines three locales

The task force deployed by the Prefecture to avoid risky gatherings and monitor offenses on the night of New Year’s it was not enough to discourage parties and forbidden dances. In some cases, even with hundreds of people turning restaurant salons into dance floors. And there was no lack of crowds even in the outdoor places traditionally a meeting place move: gives piazza Trilussa a Campo de ‘Fiori, especially close to midnight, when many people have made an appointment to have a toast together under the stars.

We danced, to name some of the most striking cases, at the Fleming, in the club “The Ville“: Dinner sold for 150 euros, private room for 1500. Where even the fighters showed up, just before one o’clock, checking Green pass and customer access: but it was enough that they left the structure, for customers to go wild. On the walls of one of the rooms, signs with the words “Forbidden to dance” had been posted: the same signs that, after the midnight toast, were torn from the walls by customers and used during the dances. You dance without masks also athotel Mercure, in the area of South Rome: prices starting from 110 euros per person, in fact the place is sold out. A very young audience, who in the first phase dined at their respective tables, while after the toast they transformed the room into a disco, then sharing the videos of those moments on Instagram. All ‘Eden, in the area of ​​the Olympic Stadium, one of the Prs filmed the guests of the structure and wrote: “You cannot dance”, while the images showed the exact opposite. Also sold out at dinner Salaria Sport Village: here the customers, mostly under 25, got on the tables and performed wild dances – obviously without wearing a mask. “We expected what would happen: the controls are not sufficient for the quantity of events that occur and we are the ones who suffer the discrimination – underlines Antonio Flamini, president of Silb in Rome, the union of dance clubs – We demand immediate compensation upon our closure, which has caused us yet another economic damage, feeling once again discriminated against compared to the more fortunate “colleagues” such as restaurants or hotels, less subject to controls ».

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Lots of tricks

On the front of the successful checks, we report the blitz of the brigade from “Scent”, In the Camilluccia area: in addition to the non-use of masks, a report was sent to the Local Health Authority for serious sanitation deficiencies inside the premises. To the “PiperIn addition, a fine was raised in the Town Hall for the non-use of masks by the staff employed. Furthermore, in the early hours of yesterday morning, the brigade went inside a room in the center, where, in addition to the non-use of masks by the staff employed, they identified an employee without a green pass.


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