Covid: 2432 new positives in Liguria, hospitalized increases

Covid: 2432 new positives in Liguria, hospitalized increases
Covid: 2432 new positives in Liguria, hospitalized increases

Liguria. Beaten even today the absolute record of new coronavirus positives in one day in Liguria: they are 2,432 out of 8,993 molecular swabs and 15,477 rapid antigen tests processed according to the data of the last bulletin. The hospitalized which are 13 more than yesterday.

Throughout the region they are 542 hospitalized of which 48 in intensive care (of these 34 are not vaccinated). In the metropolitan city of Genoa there are 73 at San Martino (7 in intensive care), 103 at Galliera (6 in intensive care), 15 at Gaslini (1 in intensive care), 66 at Villa Scassi (4 in intensive care), 23 in Sestri Levante, 4 in Lavagna (2 in intensive care). 12,890 people in home isolation throughout Liguria, 805 more than yesterday.

Only one death registered: she is a 67-year-old woman hospitalized at Villa Scassi. The positives currently in Liguria are 18.905 (compared to yesterday 1,414 more despite 1,107 new healed). There are 11,185 people under active surveillance. Of the newly infected 1,273 are in the province of Genoa, 497 in the Savona area, 282 in the Spezzino area, 368 in the Imperia area, 12 residents outside Liguria. Yesterday 4,026 doses of vaccine. The third doses administered in all are 474,494.

IN THE PROVINCE OF SAVONA – There are 3,267 positive residents in the province of Savona. People admitted to hospital increase to 93, 2 more than yesterday. Of these, 16 are in intensive care. The subjects under active surveillance are 1,797 in all.

From December 27, 2020 to date, 444,496 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been administered in Asl2, of which 241 in the last 24 hours. The people who have already been given the second dose are 175,401 (of which 88,504 are additional).

As for the Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, 50,999 doses have been administered since 27 December 2020. No further doses have been administered in the past 24 hours. 20,681 people received the second dose.

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