SARDINIA weather, crazy tropical air bubble

Sardinia tropical weather with impetuous change in the coming days.

Sardinia is affected by a tropical air mass similar to the summer season, but which nevertheless generated by being full winter an exceptional formation of fogs and low clouds in the sea which then invaded the mainland. The phenomenon was triggered by a strong thermal contrast, since the area has arrived in the last 24 hours extremely hot compared to the sea which has now cooled down.

And here it is Sardinia found itself having a fog in many places.

But in mountain the sea fog does not come, and the temperature has shot up to very high values ​​for the period, even if the temperatures are not touched so extreme that there are in the Alps, where they are reaching record values.

We have said that what has arrived in Sardinia is a tropical air bubble whose genesis is African. And if very hot air reaches us, elsewhere, in regions not far away, it is cold and there are bad weather. In fact, these days there have been storms in Egypt and the Middle East.

Snowstorms have affected the low-altitude reliefs of Libya. The hail has fallen on the coast. There were also strong hailstorms in Egypt, so abundant that they even blocked road traffic.

A climatic weather upheaval is underway of which by now it would seem that everyone has the awareness. Observing high temperatures during this period, many say that winter is over, a baseless claim, as everything will change in the next few days. In fact, during the week the first disturbances with the cold air will arrive and winter will return to Sardinia. There will be strong wind, the temperature will drop down, on the mountains we will begin to announce the return of the snow. In fact, already from the Epiphany the temperature will be considerably lower than the current values, and snow will fall on the mountains of Gennargentu and Limbara.

The snow could also return to the higher villages of the Nuoro area. In short, however, of the tropical heat that arrived in Sardinia, with a Thermal Zero at 4000 meters above sea level, we must really take it into consideration for the next seasons, in particular for the Summer, when the scorching heat will return, or if anything a upheaval as it now happens. periodically, with the absolutely unseasonal summer rains seen just a few years ago.

To tell you, in India at this time of the year the monsoon is dry, yet there are weather warnings for storms, the hail that falls devastatingly from them, then the sudden cold waves, with snow that in the north has reached 1000 meters of altitude.

Around the world the weather has more than gone crazy, and this cannot fail to also concern our little Sardinia.

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