Rome, no-vax doctors interrupt the assembly of the Order: “Mafiosi” – Chronicle

Rome, no-vax doctors interrupt the assembly of the Order: “Mafiosi” – Chronicle
Rome, no-vax doctors interrupt the assembly of the Order: “Mafiosi” – Chronicle

Rome, December 19, 2021 – Medici no-vax interrupt the assembly of the Order in progress in Rome today December 19, here’s what happened: about fifty health workers protested during the meeting, which was taking place at the Villa Palace hotel in the capital, against the mandatory nature of the vaccine and the suspension of unvaccinated health workers, which is made on the recommendation of the ASL. The anti vaccine protesters have accused the board of the Order of Physicians of “not having suspended those who were in arrears and instead of having suspended doctors who did not vaccinate”. Police and carabinieri intervened on the spot to restore order. Insults and some shoving flew. The “no-vax” shouted “shame” and “mafia”. The assembly, initially met to discuss the approval of the financial statements, was thus postponed.

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The Order of Doctors: “Instrumental attitude”

“This instrumental attitude of a minority has in fact prevented the normal course of the meeting – reads a note from Omceo (the Rome provincial order of surgeons and dentists) -. Protesters in an intimidating manner have boycotted the works starting to scream ‘Shame, shame’. The situation has degenerated to the president Antonio Magi in fact, the other doctors who had signed up to speak were prevented from speaking. The police forces promptly intervened and the assembly was therefore interrupted “.

The president is embittered Antonio Magi opens to comparison: “I am sorry as a doctor and president of doctors to witness these manifestations of degeneration of the category. In recent months I have always sought dialogue with those who do not think like me. I believe that the situation is getting a little out of hand for everyone. to ask and hope for an action that in this serious moment of pandemic will protect the health of all citizens. the Order remains open to listen to the requests of all its members, no one excluded “, comments Magi.

He also intervenes on the matter Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo (a National Federation of Medical Orders): “Solidarity with President Antonio Magi and all the Board of Directors of the Medical Order of Rome. Unacceptable, and intolerable in time and manner, the protest of unvaccinated doctors, which prevented the regular conduct of the annual assembly of the Order “.

At the news of the incident, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, heard the president of the Order of Doctors of Rome Antonio Magi by telephone expressing “support and solidarity” to the president as well as “gratitude for the daily work done to protect the right to health”.

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