How much does Conte earn? “I haven’t taken a salary for months, I live with my savings.” The revelation of Conte in Atreju


Giuseppe Conte lives on his savings. He declared it himself at Atreju 2021, the event organized every year by the Brothers of Italy. Guest of Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the 5 Star Movement declared that she does not perceive it salary for months and not earning anything with his role in the M5S.

What Conte said about the salary

Conte, when asked whether or not he takes a salary, replied as follows: “I have been on leave for several months, I don’t get a penny and I haven’t been a lawyer for months, because I don’t want to mix business and politics “.

“I closed my office – he added -, I collected the bills and I live with what I had aside. Since I took on this responsibility, I drew a line“.

The words about the government

But the former prime minister also spoke broadly about Italian politics.

For example, he explained that “we cannot have governments that last a year. Stability is a value that strengthens the political system and makes us more competitive ”.

Therefore, the proposal: “We introduce a rule for which governmental crises in the dark no longer occur, as in Germany. Two, we could introduce another corrective: trust in joint chambers. Third, we can think about the possibility for the presidents of the Council to revoke the ministers who lose the confidence of the premier. They are small corrections, we can implement them immediately with little “.

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The race to the Quirinale and the center-right

On the subject of the Quirinale, given that Sergio Mattarella is near the end of his seven-year term, Conte invoked “a personality with a high moral profile, who makes us proud to be represented by the guarantor of national unity” and stressed that “it is not written anywhere that a President of the Republic should be of a certain origin or of a particular political area“.

So, a judgment on Silvio Berlusconi: “In 1994 he had the ability to interpret the bipolar feeling that was latent in the country following the outcome of Mani Pulite. Perhaps I would also recognize that it has helped push parties that were more to the right towards a more modern right of government ”.

But who is the leader of the center right today? “You will be the leader (jokingly addressing Giorgia Meloni, ed)? Are you already sure? “.

The dig at Renzi and Calenda

Finally, room for a dig at Renzi e Calenda: “I have no problems with them, they are the ones who have problems with me”.

He then read a tweet from the leader of Action, straight from the stage: “’Every 5S should stay out of any position beyond selling cans of chinotto at the stadium. And I will actively work to achieve this result. ‘ I – then resumed the words Conte – would never propose to destroy the Brothers of Italy “.

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Photo source: ANSA

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