175 for every 100 thousand inhabitants

The metropolitan city of Milan has an incidence of covid infections of 175 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, against a safety threshold of 150. This is revealed by the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, relating to the week 1-7 December 2021. the third parameter with which the yellow zone is risked is known. The other two parameters concern the occupancy rate of beds in intensive care and in ordinary wards.

There are 52 out of a total of 107 Italian provinces and metropolitan cities that exceed 150 cases of covid per 100 thousand inhabitants, according to the monitoring in question. The worst is Trieste with 694 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, then Bolzano (651) and Treviso (467). The Triveneto is the geographic area most suffering with all the first six positions (followed by Padua, Vicenza and Venice), as well as the eighth and tenth (Gorizia and Pordenone).

Milan, as we said, is just above the critical threshold, with 175 cases of covid per 100 thousand inhabitants. The worst Lombard province is Varese (224 cases, twenty-fifth in Italy). Followed by Mantua and Monza-Brianza (both at 197). Brescia is 175 cases like Milan. Then, in Lombardy, Como (164) and Cremona (160).

40% of Lombards booked the third dose

Meanwhile, vaccine administrations continue in Milan and Lombardy. The vaccination campaign, according to Governor Attilio Fontana, who spoke in Tonight Italy on Rete 4 on Wednesday evening, “is going well with regard to the first two doses but is going very well for the third dose”. Four million Lombards have already booked the ‘booster’ and one and a half million have received it.

“This is the right path and I am convinced that by following it with the same determination we will be able to spend a peaceful Christmas” commented Fontana. And this is also because “the third dose can help remove the risk of the new variant” Omicron, concluded the governor.


thousand inhabitants

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