infections, hospitalizations and deaths increase

infections, hospitalizations and deaths increase
infections, hospitalizations and deaths increase

Coronavirus data in Italy continue to grow. The independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation detects, in the week 1-7 December, an increase in new cases affecting all Regions with the exception of Molise and Valle d’Aosta. Hospitalizations in the medical area (+851), in intensive care (+93) and deaths (558) are growing, but thanks to the recalls, the percentage of positives requiring hospitalization is reduced. In particular, compared to the previous week, there was an increase in new cases (105,771 against 86,412) and deaths (558 against 498). Currently positive cases are also growing (240,894 versus 194,270), people in home isolation (234,040 versus 188,360), hospitalizations with symptoms (6,078 versus 5,227) and intensive care (776 versus 683). In detail, compared to the previous week, there are: + 12% deaths, of which 17 referring to previous periods; + 13.6% admissions to intensive care; + 16.3% hospitalized with symptoms; home isolation (+ 24.3%, people in home isolation; + 22.4% new cases; + 24% currently positive.

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Compared to last autumn, the percentage of Covid patients who need hospitalization out of the total number of positives has halved thanks to the protection of the vaccination cycle primary against severe forms of disease “. According to Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation. Furthermore,” in the face of an almost constant number of tampons, it is likely that the reduction in the percentage of hospitalized patients in recent weeks is related to the progressive increase in the third doses administered, which bring efficacy back to higher values ​​”, added Cartabellotta.

“For the period of upcoming holiday season if on the one hand it is impossible to make reliable predictions, on the other there are some reasonable certainties “. In particular” with the current trend of growth of new cases – even if the impact on hospitals is ‘amortized’ by vaccines – in the next 4 weeks different Regions will change color “, therefore Cartabellotta predicts.

According to Cartabellotta, moreover, “to contain the circulation of the virus and, above all, the pressure on hospitals, is crucial to convince undecided to vaccinate and speed up with boosters. Finally, the increased opportunities for social contacts during the holidays require maximum caution in individual behaviors: use the mask in closed environments, possibly Ffp2 if crowded, respect social distancing and frequently ventilate the premises, even at home during meetings with relatives and friends “, concludes Cartabellotta.

Third dose boom of anti Covid vaccines in the last week with + 52.6%, equal to 2,644,894 doses. There is also a strong increase in the new vaccinated with an increase of 31.7%, equal to 223,116 vaccinations, again emerges from the monitoring, which also reports the total increase of 46.8% in immunizations (3,000,485), with a moving average of 7 days of 461,452 administrations / day.

The targets defined by the commissioner for the period 1-7 December were exceeded on all days – the report reads – with the exception of Sunday 5 December; a total of 480,162 doses were administered in excess of the planned 2,750,000.

And again: as of December 8 (update at 6.32) 80.1% of the population (47.477.646) received at least one dose of vaccine (+251.527 compared to the previous week) and 77.3% (45.830.582 ) completed the vaccination cycle (+147,509 compared to the previous week).

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