Vaccines, scarce stocks: those who want Pfizer risk waiting

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The threshold of 100 million doses is now an established fact. The pace of vaccinations resumed impetuously, with the towing of third doses and a resumption of the first immunizations attributable in part to the squeeze on the green pass. According to the findings released by the Government, the doses administered are 99.9 million. A figure that makes the goal a matter of hours, also considering the daily average of the period. In particular, over 47 million people have received at least one dose, equal to 87.9% of the over 12 population.

Third increasing doses

Beyond the irreducible ones, an increase between first doses and boosters has been recorded throughout Italy. Since last December 2, the latter have now traveled over 400 thousand injections a day: by the end of this week it is conceivable that the figure of ten million Italians “covered” will be reached. But even the first doses (those of the newly vaccinated) travel between 30-40 thousand a day.

Current stocks

A rush to get vaccinated that opens a possible stock alarm, given that at the moment there are 5 million doses available in the refrigerators. With the rhythms of the last few days they are enough for just over 10 days. Among other things, the reduced stocks are making the “choice” of the vaccine difficult because those who refuse the serum, perhaps because after the double dose Pfizer-BioNTech does not want to do Moderna, they risk having to wait even a month to book a new slot to get vaccinated. with your favorite antidote. However, reassurances arrive from the government. Regarding the stocks of the anti Covid vaccines for third doses, «we have no difficulties with regard to the supply of both Moderna and Pfizer. The Regions are enabled to proceed rapidly ”, explains Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa.

I target 1-12 dicembre

Administering 4.6 million doses from Wednesday 1 December to Sunday 12 is the minimum number of daily inoculations throughout Italy advocated by the emergency commissioner in a circular addressed to the Regions on the target values ​​of the vaccination campaign. The daily peak of inoculations was expected on Monday and Tuesday 6 and 7 December (target widely reached) and on Thursday and Friday 9 and 10 December, with 450 thousand administrations.

The quantities arriving

To manage the success of the operation, the commissioner structure is putting in place on its own. By the end of the year, a further 8.6 million doses will arrive (some are already in Italy) (4 million Pfizer / BioNTech and 4.6 million Moderna). And if necessary, the 2.5 million doses of the centralized reserve can be added to these quantities, the structure said.


Vaccines scarce stocks Pfizer risk waiting

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