Guido Rasi: “The recall increases antibodies and should not be postponed, the other doses are on the way”

The microbiologist Guido Rasi, former Ema and today adviser to General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, says today in an interview with the Corriere della Sera that the third dose makes immunity against Coronavirus a quantum leap. And therefore it is wrong to postpone it: «The most solid evidences are those of Israel. After completing the round of second doses, a wave of new infections emerged in the population attributable to the drop in immunity after 6 months. The government ran for cover with the warnings and the situation has normalized again ”. For Rasi the booster it is necessary to get out of the pandemic “since the level of antibodies after the third injection rises rapidly and creates an almost immediate defense”. While the tests for antibodies “are not useful for revealing the values ​​related to the state of immune protection.” And the stocks are sufficient to cover the request: «For now, yes. Worldwide production problems have not been reported. We now have 8 million doses and more will arrive ».

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Guido Rasi recall increases antibodies postponed doses

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