Here is the date of the increase: when the new pension arrives

Here is the date of the increase: when the new pension arrives
Here is the date of the increase: when the new pension arrives

Payment of pensions January could be disliked as early as December due to the ongoing pandemic emergency: these measures are in favor of those who will have to collect the amounts at post offices.

Here is the calendar

Even if there is nothing official, the payment calendar could follow the following criteria: surnames from A to C will be able to collect their pension on Monday 27 December; from D to G on December 28; from H to M Wednesday 29 December; letters from N to R on Thursday 30 December and surnames from S to Z on New Year’s Eve, Friday 31 December. The official news about this will be communicated in the next few days by the INPS, Poste Italiane and Civil Protection sites because citizens aged 75 or over will be able to receive cash directly at home without the need to go to the post office if the pensioner does a proxy for collection and delivery to the Carabinieri.

The amounts increased

As we have already dealt with in, next year’s pensions will be richer thanks to the revaluations caused by inflation which has increased the cost of living. So, no benefits for 2021 but something will change next year because the tiered system provided for by the former law 288 of 2000 will return, which will be to the benefit of pensioners because the reductions in the revaluation rate will only apply to allowances that will exceed certain thresholds.

But what will these increases be? Pensions up to € 2,062, therefore with an amount increased by 4 times, will center the full increase of 1.7%; amounts between 2,062 and 2,577 euros (between four and five times the minimum) will have 90% of 1.7% with an effective revaluation of 1.53%; pensions over 2,578 euros, (that is, which exceed five times the minimum) will see an increase of 75% on 1.7% (real revaluation of 1.275%).

In practice, as we have seen in our Journal, a pension of two thousand euros gross per month will have an increase (gross) of 34 euros per month, a pension of two thousand and 500 euros gross per month (between 4 and 5 times the minimum), will collect about 42 euros per month more. As we read on the Sole 24 Ore, the adjustment will also affect the value of the minimum pension: from the current 515.58 euros per month it will go to 524.34 euros, while the social allowance will undergo an increase that will take it from 460.28 to 468.10 euros per month. . The government has a treasure of 8 billion euros at its disposal with which it can make cuts concerning personal income tax, IRAP and pensions by deciding which of the three items to give higher priority.


date increase pension arrives

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